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‘Indian Institute of Technology’ Most of the walls in Kota read this. These fancy institutes are indeed prestigious and one with the state of infrastructure to provide quality technical education. We want to talk about IIT myths and hopefully, by the end of this article, we will be able to provide you with some clarity around this.

If you want to get into IITs, You have to go through the joint entrance examination (JEE Advance Examination). You first need to prepare for JEE Mains and then you have to get through JEE Advance.

I still remember one of the leading business tycoons of India, Mr. Narayan Murthy said that his son might get admission in IIT but it is very easy to get admission to Harvard University. Most of us know that Harvard University is better than any IIT.

The ranking proves this fact true. Harvard University ranks 1 in the world while many of our IITs don’t even lie in the top 100 of this list. Considering this fact, what is the crux that Narayan Murthy was so confident in making that statement?

And to everyone’s surprise, Rohan Murthy, the son of Narayan Murthy missed his seat in IIT but got admission at Harvard University. Each year about 1.5 million students apply for JEE mains and 220 K students apply for the JEE Advanced examination. But the seats are very few.

There are about 10 K seats in IITs and 25-30k seats in NIT’s ( National Institute of Technology) and other GFTIs  (government-funded technical institutes ). Just look at the ratio. It is severely low.

Still,  IIT’s are not all good institutes. There are a few drawbacks as well. Or a few myths which have enrooted in the minds of common people.

Certain IIT Myths

1. Want admission to IIT? No TV, No Facebook, No Whatsapp for 2 years

If you want to get into IIT’s you will have to completely compromise on your social life. This is one of the biggest IIT myths. You can enjoy your favorite TV show and study at the same time. We end up the life which we were enjoying till class 10. No friends, only friend you get is those big books like M.L. Khanna, P Bahadur, Solomons, etc.

All you need is a sound understanding of the basics. I still remember when I was in Kota, my physics teacher had always said ‘Stick to basics’. So one needs to have a proper balance between studies and social life.

‘You might have heard that ‘only studies and no fun make jack a dull boy’. If you can maintain the balance between the two, I am sure you will succeed with flying colors.

2. Every IITian gets a package of one crore and above

This is one of the biggest falsehoods which are being spread throughout the common crowd. This is one of the biggest IIT myths and does not have any base. Yes, there are some students, who get such fancy packages, but not everyone.

In a specific IIT, this number might be constrained to 1,2,3 or 4. Trust me all the IITian’s are not employed. So just cracking JEE is not everything, you need to be on your toes and try to stand apart from the crowd.

3. KOTA – The machine which produces IITian’s

This is a truth that Kota produces a lot of IITian’s. This number is huge concerning other parts of the country. I traveled to Kota for preparing for IIT JEE but finally ended up getting admission in a private college.

On the other hand one of my juniors, they prepared from our home town, Nashik and they cracked the examination successfully. One of them is in IIT Bombay and the other is in IIT Delhi.

And I would suggest not wasting your hard-earned money on going to Kota. Its high time we bust this myth about IIT preparations. Instead, help yourself with some online test series for IIT JEE. That would be more fruitful anytime.  

4. There is tremendous ragging in IIT’s

Ragging is rampant in IIT’s, this statement is false. Instead, I would say ragging was rampant in IITs. Now a days, the rules have become too strict, everyone is afraid. Anti-ragging policies have become so strong that seniors don’t even dare to do ragging in any form.

5. IITian’s feel extreme pressure during their semester

This is a great myth about IITs. There are a lot of clubs like a cultural club, Entrepreneurship development clubs. IITian’s life is much more than just academics.      


  1. This article really cleared my vision about some myths i am having from childhood about iit colleges in india. Article is very informative and helpful


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