Importance Of Career Counselling For Students


The number of courses to get admission into and a similar number of institutes where a student can get admission is ever-increasing and so does the competition among the students. Unlike the past, where there were only a few courses to name, today universities have a lot more to offer. Hence, the importance of career counseling cannot be undermined.

There are a variety of courses available for the students who often leave them in a confused state. What to choose and what not to. Only a handful of them is clear what to choose and rest have a blurred image.

The first question that one often asks a student is the reason behind choosing a particular course. It sounds logical, what you will become and do after studying so much. The answers received are unexpected. Seldom they say because they were passionate about the particular course. Choices are vague and made in haste and random manner.

Career choices are often influenced by the choices made by friends, peer groups, pressure from parents as they idolize us as doctors and engineers. In the long run, it leads to dissatisfaction, troubles, anxiety. Furthermore, all these factors may also lead you to drop your career choice and it may be also too late for you to now return.

Career counseling

Career Counseling comes to students’ rescue. The one-stop solution for all career-related problems. Career counseling starts from class 10th. It guides you to choose the right stream in class 11 and a right course after class 12th.

Selecting the right stream is important. Many students opt for the science stream due to reasons but are unable to tackle the complexities and after the 12 they change their stream and this happens due to lack of career counseling and proper guidance.

The role of counseling is not just limited to the selection of proper stream. One requires it at the time of college and even after that. A student requires guidance in which specialization to opt for. Your job depends on your graduation and more on your masters. This is the time when children are a bit more mature and understand the scenario.

Timely counseling proves beneficial during the lifetime of a student. The student undergoes various internships, training programs that advance the career graph. Career Counseling is the only way to choose the right career path.

Career counseling is not only important for students but parents as well. Parents are your biggest support. They need to know, understand what their child likes or has interests in and need to support their decisions.

Parents’ opinion matters the most to their children. Parents are role models for their children.

College students must know these things about career counseling

1. Career Center

Career center exists. Many students don’t visit the career center for career counseling. Some do not feel the need for it and some find it expensive or prefer to speak some relatives/ known for counseling. However, Career Counseling lets you look at the wide options available. They should be aware of the importance of career counseling at these canters.

2. The counselor understands you

Counselors have been in this profession and are well versed in every aspect of it. They understand you, your inhibitions and know you are new to this. Many students fear the counselors will judge them. But counselors are here to help you and make you learn.

3. Students must take responsibility

Well, indeed, a career counselor is there to guide and help you at each step. But students must take responsibility for their careers as well. They can only guide you and make you learn, since how you learn and how well you learn is your responsibility. They will just be happy to see you do well in your career.

Career centers offer and organize a variety of events that help students make a successful transition from their college to career. Such activities include resume writing, panel discussions, presentation. Career centers are the safest place for professional development.

Career counselors not only help you decide the best career for you but also helps in the overall development of a child professionally. It prepares you for future endeavors, career and job prospects. They strive to make children competitive in every field related to your career, job, and the professional world.

This is the hour of career counseling. Students need career counseling and are important for them as well. The increasing importance is because of the increasing options and the need to build the right career.


Many students are unaware of their future career, choices available to them and the right one for them. Therefore such information can be provided by career counselors only. As they are in the career field, related to education and are updated about the changing trends.

They are a reliable source of information and many parents trust these counselors as they believe only they can handle and guide the students. Career Counselors give unbiased advice only for the betterment of the child. Hence, the next time you are confused about your career, do visit your nearest Career Counseling Centre.

Understand the importance of career counseling and go for it!

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