How To Improve Admission Process?


Education has become a really important parameter in an individual’s life. Without this, surviving in such a competitive world is almost impossible. To get admission in a well-reputed college, students need to work hard as well as smartly. We, students, work hard and score decent marks so that we can get admission to our desired college. So, how to improve admission process in college?

Sometimes giving our best attempt also cannot get us admitted to the college we desired we are not good enough to get through it.

After this, we start to believe that our efforts weren’t worth satisfying the results. So we eventually work harder and try again usually for MBA colleges or we have to accept the fact and get adjusted to the college where we get admitted.

Admission process in India

There are some flaws in our education system. In INDIA the admission process is quite complex. First of all, write a lot of competitive exams with almost laces of students taking up these kinds of exams and then after getting the result we apply for the college. Here the problem of admission process does not get over.

Few colleges conduct up to 4-5 rounds before actual admission in the college. Some of the rounds include the aptitude, group discussion. Team activities and finally the personal interview. The saddest thing is that most of the students are eliminated after round one and two and only a few lucky ones make it to the final interview round.

All the students cannot be equally good in all the rounds. So here is a solution to it,  rather than eliminating them after every round, marks should be allocated to every student according to their performance and during the personal interview, the top students must be selected. It would be an effective method of answering – How to improve admission process in college?

This allows every student to improve their weakness and they get to know the mistakes done by them in each round. At the end of this, the admission process is a way through which a student can convert his or her weakness into strengths. It is the need of the hour to make the admission process easy.

Few other ways of improving the admission process

1. Easier Admission Process

Firstly, the admission Process is important to point for prospective students. The simplified process helps them to build a good perception of the institute. Online Admission Process eases entry point for the students.

Admission through the online process should be executed in such a way that it continuously sends alerts about admissions, merit list, waitlist, cutoff criteria, entrance exam dates via email and SMS. Improved digital communication can help to attract more students.

2. Alumni Meet

Secondly, most of the educational institutes fail to connect alumni with prospective students. Institute can have a brand ambassador level alumni group that can communicate with prospective students. Institute can have a discussion forum or focused group on LinkedIn / Facebook. Such a group can be joined by prospective students to resolve their queries. 

3. Google Hangout

Thirdly, Google has introduced this feature for teleconference type discussions, this is the best way to connect with prospective students. Admission team can arrange Google hangout with the students Such direct can help to resolve queries in a quick time.

4. Competitions

Fourthly, institutes usually conduct various competitions like drawing, B Plan, debate. Institutes can capture it in the form of videos and share them online. Competition helps to build the institute brand. Arrange competitions according to your target audience.

Moreover, if you are heading a training institute and your target students are undergraduate students then relevant competitions can be arranged at the college campus or one or more events of the college can be sponsored to build a brand of your institute.

5. Articles/ Success Story Sharing

Existing students and alumni like to share their success stories with the world. Why not provide such students platform or opportunity to share their success in the form of short video or text or photograph.

In the case of Animation or Training institute, existing students can share their internship or live project experience with the world. If you are running the school then all the success of your school in Inter sports competitions, district level competitions, success in the Olympiad exams can be shared.

6. Removal of the caste system

Lastly, all students work equally hard. Still, the best institutes admit low percentile students. Whereas the students of the general category usually suffer irrespective of getting nice grades. 

I know that it is impossible to abolish the caste system. Rather than giving them provision in the admission process, they can be provided with discounts on the fees.

Education is one of the important parameters for survival. It would lead to the development of our country in the future. So using the admission process in the right way would help us select the best candidates. I wish the answer to how to improve admission process in college has been clearly explained.

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