How To Improve Blogging?


Here is another interesting blog post for all those who love blogging. This will be of great help to you guys believe me. So spare your precious time with me reading this blog so that you do not waste your precious time afterward thinking about how to improve blogging.

Blogging is very important and is no longer just a hobby but it has become a profession for many. It is their daily source of bread and butter. When things are just for fun and are done as a hobby it is okay but when things become professional they are to be taken seriously.

How to be a professional blogger?

1. Learn the techniques

Firstly, for a professional blogger, it is very important to learn the techniques of blogging. One should be fully aware of everything related to blogging. You cannot afford to have setbacks at this point. If it is just a hobby, a few mistakes here and there can be ignored but when it’s a profession you can’t. It is important for professional bloggers to learn the techniques for improving their blogs so that they can attract more traffic.

2. Be determined

The road to becoming a pro blogger is not easy but full of roadblocks. Nothing worth comes easy and so does this. Also, you have to pass every roadblock to become a pro blogger. It takes years to become one. But everything is possible if done with determination.

Here is a story of a pro blogger that will inspire you to become one. After many storms and rains, he finally got to see the sun of the day. It was his determination and passion that he became a successful blogger.

Rama’s Story of becoming a blogger

Rama always loved writing. He has a flair for it and it came naturally to him. At first, he started with writing diary entries when he was small. Then he developed a liking for literature and started reading novels and would write short poems in his free time.

As technology boomed and Facebook landed among us.  We were all social and crazy about this Facebook thing. It is an amazing tool. Rama too was crazy with this Facebook. He was hooked to it all day and all night.

He used to post status almost every day.  His friends were so used to reading his status that now they cannot see their Facebook without the notification of Rama’s status. Rama has this magical power of engaging the audience with his words. His English was also good.

Then one day he received a comment on his status. Hey, why don’t you try blogging, you write so well? That was his start day of the blogging journey. He researched and made an account on WordPress.  Initially, he would write on random topics, poetry, etc.

As years passed he became more professional and started writing on a particular theme.  He started focusing on images, editing part as well. He worked on the aesthetics of his blog. Giving them a theme. He also bought a domain name. Therefore, quite professional.

As he was doing well with many followers, comments and dozens of likes.  He thought of taking it as a career and making money out of it. The idea was perfect for him as he loved writing and you must do what you love.

This is the best way to enhance your careers. So to become a pro blogger like his favorites bloggers he started with some techniques to improve his blogging. I am sharing some techniques on how to improve blogging (Shh…Secret). Do not tell anyone.

Techniques to improve Blogging

1. Time Management

The first step to improve your blogging is by managing the time. Effective time management. Divide your time into research, writing, editing. If you are a professional blogger, then the timely publishing of blogs is required. How many blogs you want to publish daily.

2. SEO techniques

Digital marketing is a budding sector. Learn the Search Engine Optimization techniques to make your blog land on the first page.  Your blog will be searched more and this way you will improve your blogging, writing, and ratings too.

3. Sharing techniques

Share your blogs on as many social media sites as you can. Sharing on different and wide platforms will give you more visibility, reach and acceptance. Find innovative ways of sharing your blogs.

4. Use of pictures, headlines

Make your blog attractive with catchy headlines and colorful, attractive pictures. Spend more time in the editing of the blog, giving it a face. If readers will be attracted to the look of it, they will automatically read it.

5. Write for users

Last but not least. Write for your users. Users will take you to new heights. Make your users happy with your content. They will only give you suggestions on how to improve. This is the best way of improving blogging.

In the end, a piece of advice for all bloggers. It is your blog so you know the best for it. These tips will help you in improvement so don’t mind using them. It will benefit you. Anyone can become a pro blogger with good content and technique! 

Happy Blogging!



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