IoT And Impacted Fields


Let me take you back to good old days. When there was no internet. Books were our best friends. We used to rely on books and the newspaper for information. If not then we used to run to our grandparents for information or to our neighbors.

Then came the Television and we got a new source of information. Then again there were always things that remain a mystery. We could not find answers to many questions.

But with growing advancement and development in technology, we have the Internet. The Internet has revolutionized everything.  With the internet, we do not have to rely on any medium for information.

Everything is available on the internet. From information on favorite holiday destination to information on world affairs. Everything is available on the internet.

The Internet serves as the one-stop solution for all the problems. There is absolutely nothing that you cannot find on the internet. Things are no longer a mystery.  You get all your answers by browsing Google, Yahoo.

The Internet has made our lives easier. It has made our lives easier. By 2020 we could see billions of data spouting devices linked with the internet.

The Change

The internet of things (IoT) has come into the light. IoT is the interconnection via the internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. The IoT is very common today.

We can see the connection everywhere. In elevators, trains, planes, floors, etc. It is not restricted to a particular industry. The benefits are extended beyond. IoT has also changed the way humans communicate with each other.

The process of staying connected has also changed. In short, it has everything for the better.

The benefits of Internet Of Things

1. Secure Homes

Homes have always been a place of security. But in recent years this belief seems to be a false one with increasing activities of theft. With the Internet of Things (IoT) make your homes more smart and secure.

You can install a better security system like CCTV cameras which you can monitor through computers. IoT provides services that help you keep track of your children and pets when left home.

Set up door sensors and it will ping you up when someone opens the door. Use the camera installed doorbells. IoT offers great security options to you.

2. Smart Transportation

From the time of kick start, we have come to a time of self-start. Recently AT&T has added approximately 2.1 million new wireless lines out of which only half were meant for people and rest for the companies. Big giant companies are teaming up with AT&T to ensure LTE in their vehicles.

LTE enabled cars to help drivers in providing real-time information and much more. IoT is just not limited to LTE but also other features such as Oyster card. All these have changed our traveling experience.

3. Healthy Living

Good news for all the fitness freaks. They all will be imagining advanced equipment available at their gyms. But even now we can see IoT built equipment in many of the advanced gyms.

The latest is wearable watches that tell you the calories you have burned and how much more you need to burn. It helps you to monitor your overall health. Many smartphones have wellness and heart rate tracker.

4. Smart Business

IoT has changed the functioning of many entrepreneurs and businesses. Above all, IoT has changed the very aspect of Business. One manages everything over the internet.

Many shopkeepers have started accepting debit/credit cards via the swipe machines. Also with the help of IoT enabled devices many organizations keep track of their machines and get an instant alert on defects.

5. Waste Management

Smartly manage your waste. IoT enabled applications and other means are used to track the pollution levels and find out ways to minimize waste and pollution.

For example, air quality is a device to check air quality outside homes and offices as well. Another website is offers a smart irrigation system for farmers, golf courses, etc. You can keep track of water usage and preserve water accordingly.

We can see the use of IoT in every sector and every field. From Health to the housing to farming, the benefits of IoT have reached every sector. Therefore, the future of IoT is very bright.

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