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Have you heard the story of Hare and the Tortoise when you were a kid? Your definite answer would be “OF COURSE! WHO HASN’T?” Ever thought about why such stories were told to us as a kid? Let me give you an answer to this.

Such stories had a moral that is subjected to help us develop ethical skills. Coming back to the story of hare and tortoise, remember what moral it had?

Yes! You are right. It is “Slow and steady wins the race.” Today’s generation would strongly disagree with this. As they want everything to be extremely quick.

But hold on people!

This isn’t going to work out for a long term goal. Contradicting to the moral this article would help you understand how to be a hare and yet succeed in your daily life.

So, are you ready for the race?


What does the word mean? It means the position of a student or trainee who works in an organization, sometimes without pay, to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification.

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Want to become a hare?

  1. Search for internships you are interested in. (There are various apps available on the internet for the same purpose- take help from them).

2. Check if they provide you with a certificate of completion + LOR (letter of recommendation). And yes! Don’t forget to check about the Stipend.

3. Make sure you have made an eye-catching resume.

4. Apply for internships that suit you the Best.

5. Last but not least. If you get selected Be ethical, Show professionalism, Be patient and polite and give it your best shot.

These steps are so casual and simple. The whole world knows the importance of a certificate and a LOR. So what’s new in this content? I caught you! I bet this is what is going on in your mind right now. Here is where you are wrong.

There is a lot more to what an internship can inculcate within us. Though the various internship is built to develop different skills and values, here are the benefits of doing an internship.

Benefits of doing the internship

1. Experience

A lot of on-field experience is gained through internships. As you know “Experience is the best teacher”. It makes you job-ready.

2. Social Interaction

You get to meet a lot of new people around, know more about them and their perception that helps you grow as a person. Also, get to talk with people in authorities helping you develop communication skills.

It makes you think about how to respond, when to respond and when not too. Making a person patient as well as mature.

3. Time management

Internships are always followed by a particular deadline. This helps a person to start to value time and manage it efficiently. It makes a person realize, “Time and tide wait for none.”

4. Self-Confidence

“There is nothing more beautiful than Self Confidence.” Self Confidence only comes when we are well prepared with something.

So this is what internships do, they help us get prepared thus increasing our Self Confidence.

5. Overcoming failure

It’s not every time you would be able to meet your deadlines and succeed. There will be times you fail.

So you would learn to handle failures as well. Do not get discouraged by failures. They are “stepping stones towards success.”                  

6. Creating a balance between personal and professional life

This the hardest thing to do. It requires skill and practice. Internships provide you with a pre-encounter with this part so that you learn to create a balance between your personal and professional life in your younger days itself. Because life is all about balance.

7. Value of money

Paid internships provide you stipend. That helps you value money and adequately save them or spend them. They understand how difficult it is to earn money and the hard work it follows.

8. Stand out from others

Since you have instilled all these above skills. You are now standing out from others. Thus helping you to become a hare and yet succeed in the race. So now gear up and start to achieve your goals.

Hey, do not disclose these golden secret tips to others 😉 (Just kidding). Share the post with everyone! Everyone should know the benefits of the internship. In fact, we will love to have you. So, why don’t you check How To Write For Edu4Sure?

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