Tips To Shine At Your Internship Interview


Internships are a prime opportunity just like iron in the fire. It marks the commencement of your work life and is one of the best junctures in the journey of life. It provides you the desired head start into the working culture and has umpteen benefits. Also, it makes you adaptable to the working environment and improves your ability to deal with different circumstances. Interships are very important to get an understanding of how things happen in the real world. So what are the internship interview tips?

To be equipped with knowledge and expertise is one part but to be able to clear the HR interview requires proficiency and fortitude.

We at Edu4Sure recognize the importance of HR interviews and the associated problems interns face in answering the questions. Hence, we are here to provide you with some internship interview tips!

Correspondent questions that will help you in interview

1. Why did you choose our company?

The interviewer is trying to understand how much background research you’ve done about the firm. Moreover, it’s like assessing your homework.

It’s extremely vital you study the company and also about the position you’ve applied for and judge your potentials with the demands of the job.

An appealing response would be to highlight the company’s path-breaking achievements, future growth prospects and perspicaciously state why you are the best candidate for this position.

Furthermore, try to make it prominent that you’ve just the required skills for this internship and given the opportunity, you’ll learn a lot more and present your best.

2. How did you choose your stream?

The interviewer is giving a whirl to understand your decision-making skills and educational transcendence.

While answering, keep in mind to stress your ardent passion towards the chosen stream and working on this internship is paving the way to your ultimate goal.

In case, the internship isn’t related to the modules of your stream, the interviewer would want a pertinent explanation for this change of course.

You can lay emphasis on your academic excellence and achievements, but make sure to do this very subtly and not sound boastful.

3. What fascinates you about this enterprise?

You need to know about the industry you are going to work in but the interviewer doesn’t expect you to spill out the mugged up history.

They want you to be updated with the latest trends in the industry, the shortcomings and new ideas that are under consideration for massive reforms.

Try to sound more practical in your approach towards this question rather than a book-worm!

4. Tell us about your strengths

Speak of your dexterity which makes you the most appropriate candidate to join the pre-existing team.

Focus on your keenness to observe and learn during the process and grasp new techniques being taught quickly.

Also, give assurance that you will be punctual with the work assigned to you. And also stay inspired and focused throughout the journey.

5. How will you handle a difficult situation?

The best answer would be to narrate a previous incident that was difficult and explain how you handled it.

It’s eminent that you stay calm and composed throughout the interview as it would speak of your personality. Anxiety is common during an interview, but prepare as much as possible so that your anxiety doesn’t get the better of you!

The STAR Technique

STAR is the by default the A-1 method to answer any question.

1. S- Situation

A brief description of the incident you were involved in. Do not beat around the bush and speak point to point.

2. T- Task

Explain the role you had to play in the situation.

3. A-Action

Try to sophisticatedly speak of the steps you initiated to execute the task. Then try to relate it to how it will benefit your current internship.

4. R-Result

Finally, talk about the outcome of your efforts. Always ensure that it’s positive.

Good luck with your interview preparations!


  1. Internship programs are the pathway to new possibilities and opportunities. Therefore, prior preparations for internship interviews become a necessity and this blog contains appropriate and helpful guidelines to shine in an interview.


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