Why Internships Are Important?


College students have a lot on their plate. They have to juggle their assignments, extracurricular activities and their social and familial life. In the midst of this, they often overlook the importance of internships.

“You need the experience to get experience” is the unfortunate truth of today’s world. If you have a relevant internship displayed on your CV, you will have an advantage over the other candidates.

Employers value experience as they provide students with skills that they wouldn’t get in their classroom. Internships make the transition from student to professional easier.

Few more Reasons why Internships are important?

1. Real-world experience

Internships are the best way to gain experience, regardless of the field. It teaches you to apply the knowledge you acquired in your classroom.

Simultaneously, it gives you practical knowledge that you need alongside your theoretical knowledge. It is the best way to gain hands-on knowledge of any industry. Any student with relevant internships on their resume will have an edge over those who don’t.

2. Networking

Networking is the secret to a successful career. However, building connections is tough when you’re just a student. This is where internships come in handy. They help you to meet industry experts and teach you how to communicate in a professional environment. Meeting professionals can be beneficial as they could write your recommendations or simply, put in a good word for you when you apply for a job.

3. Time management

Internships often come with deadlines. Your time management skills will be tested to the fullest in any internship. Furthermore, balancing your internship, college work, extracurricular activities, and social life will be a good challenge to prepare you for the professional world.

You may make mistakes sometimes, and it may seem like a mammoth task but, it will help you improve your skills. Internships will help you develop a work ethic.

4. Learn what you like and are good at

Internships pave the way for personal development as well. It helps you discover what you excel at and in turn, help you decide what you could pursue as a career. It helps you to know your goals and how to achieve them.

This can only be possible by stepping out of your comfort zone. Internships encourage you to explore a particular industry. It could also be something completely unrelated to the course you’re studying at the moment.

In this way, you will have the ability to decide whether you want to continue in the career path you’ve selected or if you want to pursue something different.

5. Learn new skills

Nowadays, employers don’t give much importance to grades and give more importance to how much of an asset you will be to the organization. They want to know if you will be able to cope with the fast-paced corporate world. Internships help you learn all the skills you will need in a professional setting.

The decorum of an office environment, office jargon and, the art of small talk are some things that one cannot learn in a classroom. This makes the internship experience more valuable than ever. Many times, you will have to work in a team. This will give you exposure to team dynamics and help you to learn teamwork.

6. Build confidence

As we’ve heard time and time again, ‘Confidence is key’. Internships will help you to build confidence. A good internship will include feedback from your seniors which will help you to improve yourself.

As an intern, you will learn your capabilities and become confident in them. You will also realize how capable you are of making valuable contributions in any given project. This confidence will help you throughout your life.

Conclusion: Why Internships Are Important?

No matter whether an internship is paid or unpaid, it will make a big difference in your CV. Many a time, people tend to overlook great opportunities just because they are not paid. However, unpaid internships can also provide you experience along with many other benefits. Be confident, let go of anxiety during the interview/internship and opportunities will be endless!

The best time for internships in the summer as most companies give internships during that period. It would be a lighter time for students too, as they will not have much workload. However, you may have to apply for many months in advance. Learn your concepts, prepare well and you will shine at your interview! So, go and apply for the internship of your dreams now!


  1. I totally agree with all your points, it is very crucial for the career as it will create a great impression that can provide a great reference letter at the least, and may even possibly lead to a potential job offer.

  2. Strongly agree……internship play’s very important role in every field either for HR, finance, IT as well as marketing also…

  3. Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job,Keep it up

  4. You need the experience to get experience” is the unfortunate truth of today’s world. That’s why internships are really important… thanks for sharing this informative blog


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