Get Over JEE Fear With Revision Strategy


Are you scared of the JEE? Do you think you won’t be able to make it? Doubtful whether you are going in the right direction in terms of your preparation or not? Thinking whether you will be able to complete the exam on time or not? If you relate to these questions regarding JEE revision, this is the post for you!

JEE is one such exam that is worth getting tensed for. People are trying to pretend that they don’t care but mind you, it is all a showoff. If they plan to get into an IIT, they will be scared. Don’t try to be absolutely like them when they are pretending to be carefree about the exam. However, extreme stress is useless.

What people often do JEE Revision?

1. Schedule Management

When the exams are nearby, all you think of is to buck up and leave no topic that may make you lag behind others. Thus, you manage your schedule accordingly, make changes and try to give your best shot. Avoid procrastination and prepare a schedule that works for you.

2. Absence from Social Medias

You may go on an offline mode on social networking sites, reduce the playing hours, interact less with people and may want to stay alone. All these are certain common practices that students follow when the exam is right on top of their heads. Remember, everybody who aspires to become an IITian feels just the same.

3. Comparison to Other Aspirants

You must know all this so that you can relate to the other students and feel a little better because ultimately, all of the aspirants are sailing in the same boat.

Do not compare your preparation standards and methods with that of your friends. Everyone has a different caliber, capacity and grasping power. So, you must focus upon your job of preparing then to focus on how others busk.

How to get over JEE stress?

  • Start preparing for JEE well before time.
  • Make a Study Plan that includes your revision plan too. Timely revision of the old topics is mandatory.
  • Prepare revision notes based on every topic that you study. Practice questions side by side.
  • Take a chapter-based test after each topic to test your understanding level and how much you need to improve.

Strategies for JEE Revision

Enough has been said about the preparation, preparation techniques that will help you to master the JEE. Preparation is not just everything. If you prepare and do not revise it can go wrong. The JEE syllabus is huge. Preparation is not just enough. The following strategies are essential to follow to get through the JEE examination successfully:

1. Revision on Time

Timely revision of the prepared topic is more important so that you do not forget what you learned. Children keep moving forward and keep forgetting the previously learned concepts.

So revise what you have done before moving further. It instills confidence in you and you prepare well for further topics.  

2. Consistent Revision of Old Concepts by Proper Planning

Students often start preparing for JEE two to three years before the exam. This long period of preparation makes it difficult to remember everything that you have learned from the very beginning.

If you think of revising something that you learned years ago and start looking for it in your notes, it will all be messed up in your mind.  Proper planning might help you here. Planning your time and managing it accordingly to revise certain older concepts daily would be beneficial.

3. Avoid End Time Dilemmas of JEE Revision

Students generally have a dilemma towards the end of the preparation period regarding whether to revise the older concepts or to understand the new ones. Well, both are important and there is no escape route!

Make sure you take out an hour or two to revise the previous concepts and spend the remaining time in learning the new ones. Since the older ones have been in your mind once, the revision part generally doesn’t take much time, conditionally, you have understood them in the very beginning. Previously prepared notes having the important points and details might be a bonus for you!

4. Effective Revision Schedule

Keep scheduling your time each day for revision as well as for the new concepts. Do not hesitate to reschedule it, if necessary. Try to complete the decided topic each day to have a grip over the older concepts too.


All this might not feel easy in the beginning but when the JEE is right on your head, you would realize that your hard work would make you feel relaxed as compared to those who would try to brush up the older concepts right before the exam.

Make sure you solve some questions too, and not just go through the theory in the revision period. Highlight the points that you think you would forget towards the end. Go through the syllabus and revise each topic thoroughly. Now you are ready for the JEE.

Good Luck!


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