Job Levels For A Scrum Master

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We live in a very fast-moving world today. It is becoming very difficult for companies to meet their customers’ requirements. A Scrum Master serves as a ray of hope in this dreadful solution. 

Scrum Masters focus on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. This is due to their communication skills, leadership skills, and knowledge of scrum’s framework.

We hope that was enough to consider a scrum master a one-man army! Well! That is what various companies believe. They believe a Scrum Master is a one-man army! 

Becoming a scrum master is one of the most promising jobs. It includes understanding and following the scrum framework. Constant growth and learning are part of being a scrum master. The demand for Scrum Masters is growing tremendously. Well! It is worth the hype! 

Job Levels for a Scrum Master

1. Entry Level Scrum Master

An entry-level job is the most basic job option available to a scrum master. One may get a job as an entry-level scrum master within one year of completing Scrum Master certification. One may have a smaller scope of work as an entry-level scrum master. 

However, he will still have to follow all the agile practices.    

2. Scrum Master

After working at the entry-level, one may get promoted to being a scrum master. One year of experience and appropriate knowledge is enough to become a Scrum Master.

He will practice appropriate leadership skills at this level. A scrum master is required to remove any obstacles faced by the team members. In this situation, he may play the role of a facilitator, a coach, and a motivator as well.                                                                                                                                                                      3. Senior Scrum Master

After working as a scrum master, you may be promoted to senior scrum master. A senior Scrum Master has additional responsibilities than a scrum master. He is expected to lead many teams at once. Also, he is responsible for maintaining peace and harmony among his team members. 

A senior scrum master basically gets to demonstrate his experience and knowledge.

A senior scrum master has additional responsibilities and experience. This makes him subject to a higher amount of salary from the company.

4. Product Owner or Product Manager

A scrum master possesses exceptional knowledge and experience. He is responsible for leading teams, managing deadlines, and providing the desired outcome. All these points qualify a scrum master to be a product owner or a product manager.

However, being a product owner is a great responsibility. One may take various organizational decisions after being a product owner. 

Some of those decisions may be 

⇒ Deciding the product be made

⇒ Managing the product

⇒ Planning product release 

and many more.

5. Scrum Coach or Agile Coach

This is an appropriate role for people who love to develop products using the Scrum framework. Some scrum masters are more interested in the process. They are hardly concerned about the results. This is because they love creativity. They may encourage creativity and innovation in the team as well.

However, a scrum coach or an Agile coach should not only be creative. They will be responsible for training teams on scrum practices. 

A scrum coach will be responsible for the proper function of the team. It will be his duty to update his team members about new changes in the scrum guide. He should teach the team members about the latest trends and technologies. This will lead to better productivity and quality results. 

In order to become a scrum coach, one needs to have an experience of one year of working on scrum and with scrum teams. 

These were some important designations for a Scrum Master. Do you want to become a Certified Scrum Master?

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