Top Job Profiles After MBA In Human Resource

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The need for Human Resource professionals is increasing day by day. They are required in both the public and private sectors. Human Resource departments play an important role in increasing the company’s productivity. They work towards maintaining ‘Employee Satisfaction. 

An MBA in Human Resources is a great option for students who are good at both soft skills and hard skills. Students having good communication skills, interpersonal skills, and a broader vision can opt for an MBA in HR.

Pursuing MBA in HR, try to possess the following skills:

  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Excellent Convincing Skills
  • Planning Skills
  • Supervising Skills
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Leadership Skills

Opportunities after MBA in HR

  • Recruitment Department
  • Training and Development Department
  • Employee Benefits Department
  • Coordination with Employees
  • Manage Payroll
  • Manage Compensation
  • Policy Compliance

An HR generalist may work in all the listed fields. Whereas an HR specialist may work in one particular field depending on his or her expertise.

In this blog, we will be considering the top job profiles available for HR as a generalist.

Top job profiles after MBA in Human Resource

1. Human Resource Directors

The Human Resource Directors are responsible for overseeing all human resource aspects.


These aspects include:

  • Handling Employee relations
  • Managing the Budget
  • Assessing all the staffing needs
  • Designing training programs
  • Developing compensation plans
  • The smooth functioning of the company’s operations.


A human resource director’s annual salary is approximately Rs. 21 lakhs. 

2. Chief Human Resource Officer

A Chief Human Resource Officer works with the senior shareholders to identify and decide on business priorities.


  • Planning and Developing Business Strategies
  • Prioritizing and Executing the developed business strategies
  • Working hard on achieving strategic goals


A chief human resource officer’s annual salary is around 45 lakhs. 

3. Human Resource Generalist


A Human Resource Generalist is responsible for running all the daily functions of the HR department. These daily functions include:

  • Hiring and Interviewing new employees
  • Managing Payrolls
  • Providing Compensation
  • Managing benefits and leaves
  • Enforcing company policies and practices


A human resource generalist’s annual salary is approximately 5 lakhs. 

4. Human Resource Safety Manager

Human Resource Safety Manager is responsible for the development and administration of human resource plans and procedures.


  • Developing and administering human resource plans
  • Planning and organizing activities of the department
  • Reviewing and updating compensation programs every year
  • Performing acquisition of all talents


A human resource safety manager’s annual salary is around 9 lakhs. 

5. Human Resource Staffing Manager

As the name suggests, the human resource staffing manager manages the staff of the company. 


  • Recruiting the employees on the basis of their interview
  • Training the employees according to their job role
  • Retaining the employees based on their performance
  • Firing the employees, if needed


A human resource staffing manager’s annual salary is around 7.5 lakhs. 


These were the top 5 job profiles after doing an MBA in Human Resource. But the list does not end here. In addition to these jobs, there are several jobs available for MBA HR students. Some of them are listed below for your additional information.

  1. HR Manager
  2. Assistant HR Manager
  3. Senior Executive HR
  4. Executive HR
  5. HR Administrator
  6. Recruiter
  7. HR Analyst
  8. HR Associate
  9. HR Assistant
  10. HR Trainee/ HR Intern

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