Top Job Profiles After MBA In Information Technology

High paying job profiles in IT.

Information Technology includes making use of computers or smart devices to access information. Information and communication technologies are also a part of Information Technology. 

MBA in Information Technology

It hasn’t been long since an MBA in Information Technology has gained a lot of attention from students. In a few years, an MBA in Information Technology has become very popular among students. Many students are now opting for an MBA in IT. Jobs offered to IT professionals are quite high-paying. There are a lot of reputed job profiles available for aspirants after completing an MBA in Information Technology. 

Top job profiles after MBA in Information Technology

1. Chief Technology Officer

A Chief Technology Officer is appointed for Artificial Intelligence, Internet Services, and Cyber Security as well. They are primarily appointed to look after the technical department of the organization. The post of Chief Technology Officer is a senior job post. 

The roles of the Chief Technology Officer include the following:

  • Find risks and opportunities for business growth
  • Look after the Research and Development department of the company
  • Looking after complete information Department
  • Supervising senior and executive managers

The average salary of a Chief Technology Officer is around 9 to 10 lakhs per annum. 

2. Information technology director

The leading role of the information technology director is to look after the infrastructure of all the technical operations. 

The roles of the Information Technology Officer include the following:

  • Helping their company in managing the research projects
  • Promote technological advancement
  • Regularly update installed software
  • Maintain network security
  • Develop technical protocols for the company

An information technology officer’s annual salary ranges between 16 and 18 lakhs. 

3. Database Administrator

As the name suggests, a Database Administrator ensures that the database runs effectively. Database Administrators perform all the necessary activities related to the company’s database. They are completely responsible for effectively managing it.

The roles of the Database Administrator include the following:

  • Developing and organizing database
  • Managing and securing data
  • Providing relevant data to authorized users

The average salary of a Database Administrator is around Rs. 6 to 8 lakhs per annum. 


These were the top 3 job profiles after doing an MBA in Information Technology. But the list does not end here. In addition to these jobs, there are several jobs available for MBA in Information Technology students. Some of them are listed below for your additional information.

  1. Business Intelligence Analyst
  2. SAP Consultant
  3. Quality Assurance Analyst
  4. Project Manager
  5. Cyber Security Consultant
  6. System Analyst

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