Why One Should Opt For Journalism After 12th?


After the class 12th board exams, oftentimes we are left with the question, ‘what now?’ Many of us get confused with the vast career options ahead of us. Engineering? Hotel management? Medical? In this blog, we will discuss journalism as a career after 12th. You can read more at What Is & How To Be A Journalist?

The options are plenty. How many of us think of taking up Journalism as a career option? Talking about Journalism, the first thought that comes to peoples’ minds is to sit in front of the camera and read the news. Is that Journalism? NO.

What is Journalism?

Nowadays people want to keep themselves updated about every event happening around the world. The sole purpose of Journalism is to inform, educate and update the people about these happenings.

Above all, in the age of advancement and technology, Journalism is the most promising and challenging career.

“The pen is mightier than the sword”.

We are very familiar with the above-mentioned quote, and Journalism proves the above statement to be true time and again. Also, the pen and camera can bring significant changes to this world.

Journalism has two categories- print media and electronic media. Print media comprises Newspapers, Magazines, Journals, and News Agencies, while electronic media consists of Television, Radio, Internet.

Scope of Journalism

The field of Journalism is a vast one. Numerous career opportunities exist in journalism once you get a degree after 12th. One can work as an editor, news presenter, writer, columnist, cartoonist, correspondent, photographer, reporter, and the list goes on.

The job of a Journalist is also a prestigious one. However, a Journalist also carries certain duties and responsibilities on his shoulder. With the press card, one gets access to news, events before the mass gets to know. Voicing one’s opinion becomes easier.

On the other hand one needs to be careful of reporting news before the masses, they should always check the accuracy of the news. No one wants to read irrelevant news, no one wants too many advertisements in the magazine, no one wants to listen to stupid talk over the radio!

Who should take up Journalism?

1. Excellent Communication Skills

One should possess excellent communication skills- both in written as well as oral. A Journalist must be confident and structured while interviewing the public or celebrities. 

2. Time management skills

You may have to lose sleep over an article. You need to meet odd deadlines and most importantly be called at odd hours to get your story. Similarly, one should also be comfortable with working at odd hours.

3. Patience

To get an insight into a story, one might have to wait for days,  even months. But sometimes leading to fruitless results. So, this field requires patience.

4. Open to criticism

The capability of accepting criticism and keenness to do considerable rewriting are crucial to this profession. Do you know How to Handle Negative Feedback?

5. Will to take risks

To get a story, one deals with a lot of influential people. Whenever an influential people get involved the Journalist must cover the story at his own risk. For bringing the truth out many a time Journalists face many problems. For instance, threats, harassment, and even murder are common.

In conclusion, anyone with a curious mind will power, adaptable to changes can take up Journalism. Journalism as a career after 12th is one of the most promising careers in the modern world with ample opportunities.

Several reputed institutions in our country offer this course in several formats- Diploma Programs, Degree Programs, and Certificate Programs.

So if you think you have it in you what it takes to be a good journalist, then look no further and apply for the course after your plus two.



  1. This article is very helpful for students who are interested to choose journalism as a career and will improve the condition of media in our country.

  2. A every nice article highlighting important facts for the one who need to know before taking up Journalism as a career option.

  3. A very nice article highlighting important facts for the one who need to know before taking up Journalism as a career option.


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