Know Yourself to the fullest!


Self-discovery is an integral part of the journey of your life. A person who truly doesn’t know himself/herself is like a leaf who does not know from which tree it has originated from. That is why it is so predominant to know yourself.

We, of course, keep ourselves in the good books. But are we the most perfect beings? Do we know our self pretty well? 

Although, the trend says that most people admit they are flawed, do they work towards knowing what their flaws are?

Has the fake bubble of fame engulfed all of us so much that we’ve forgotten our humility? Our ultimate identity?

Uncovering The Real You to know yourself

When you are acquainted with your strengths and weakness, you can judge your capability to take up a particular task.

Knowing yourself will give you an edge at work. You can concentrate to sharpen your weaknesses into strengths and to present the best of you. Your inner self can help you develop a method to camouflage your weakness.

When you know what fills you with zest, your decision-making skills improve. You cannot be manipulated by fraud scheming by anyone!!!

Least of all, it saves you from being trapped, emotionally.

Discover who you are

Ask yourself what’s the activity at which you are unparalleled or what do you enjoy doing the most?

The process is no piece of cake, for the best to pan out patience and determination play a big role.

It’s bound to happen that we may lose our temper while we embark on this journey. But patience would ultimately lead to an optimistic outcome. Especially if you work in a corporate environment, patience is a virtue you must have.

In the first place, your soul is entwined with something you truly adore. This keeps you passionate about moving forward and it’s something you strive for.

The passion which fills you with zest and zeal will help you in self-realization and make your goals in life more crystal clear.

Know yourself by relaxing your defense mechanism

Notably, true self-discovery is a long process and often it does not mean walking on the pursuit of pleasure. To improve your performance you should be open to the feedback.

Be it our fear to not be as supreme as perceived by others or melancholy of failure. It is extremely vital to train our brain and heart to be open to criticism.

Criticism is a driving force that pushes us forward to bring our fullest potentials to use to be superlative and to know yourself.

Diversity in evaluation

To get to know yourself just don’t rely on restricted evaluation. Broaden your source of feedback. Every person looks at you distinctly.

It also depends on the relationship you’ve with them. You cannot expect a friend to judge your business skills. Likewise, you also cannot expect a customer to judge your personal and work-life balancing ability.

In brief, private feedback has several perks over a public one. Feedback from the masses will often be vague and indeterminate whereas a private one is often more honest and easy to comprehend. But the feedback might not always be positive, you should learn to handle negative feedback as well.

The yogic way to know yourself

Yoga is a powerful art that integrates your body and mind and through the means of which you can discover yourself.

There are four ways of self-realization

1. Jnana Marg: The path to knowledge that endows us with the difference between real and unreal.

2. Karma Marg: The path to selflessness which teaches us to provide service without expectations of rewards.

3. Bhakti Marg: The path of love and devotion and linking the eternal soul with the Almighty.

4. Yoga Marg: The path of self-control which trains us to bring our physical and mental actions under total control.


Everyone has some opinion and it may not always be what our ears have craved for.

The biggest stage of self-realization is the stage of acceptance. You must wholeheartedly appreciate the person you are and this noticeably will lead you to know yourself. The acceptance and self-realization help you to deal with stress effectively.

Self-love is vital, for if you cannot accept yourself, you can never accept anyone.

So are you ready to yet to commence this journey of discovering who you truly are?



  1. Excellent insights.
    Discovering true self is really important. It’s important to know what you want to achieve where are you standing right now and how to improve yourself.


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