Why Should You Learn English Language?


Why Learn English?

Before we get into the question of why learn English, I would like to brief my readers on the concept of language. Next, I would like to talk about the importance of the English language before actually telling you why to learn English.

The concept of language


Language is a method of human communication either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way.

A system of communication, used by a particular country or community.

Cambridge Dictionary defines language as a system of communication consisting of sounds, words, and grammar used by people in a particular country or community.

In simpler terms, we can say Language is what we speak(words) and the way we speak. It can be verbal, non-verbal, signs, symbols anything we use to communicate with the other human.

Language in India

India is a diverse country and is home to many cultures, religions, and languages. People speak different languages in India. But Hindi Language is the National Language. It is our national language and is widely spoken and understood across India irrespective of whether it is in Punjab or Kerala. 

Over time, we the generation of 21st Century, have one more language which is more commonly used than our national language Hindi and that is English. English is the universal language of our generation and almost everyone in the country speaks English. This is the main answer if you have the question, why learn English. 

Initially, only the Britishers and foreigners spoke English. Only a few elite and educated Indians were able to speak the English language in earlier times. But now every Indian can speak the English language or try to speak and converse in the English language. We speak more English than Hindi.

Forms of English

There are two forms of English: British and American. Since we were ruled by the British, we mostly speak British English.

At this point, we can approach the question of why learn English. Going by today’s trend, it seems learning English has become imperative. One cannot do without it. It is as important to learn English and speak English as it is to know your mother tongue or maybe, in my opinion, it is more important to learn English.

Why learn English

1. Universal language

 As said earlier English is the universal language. It is widely spoken across the globe and understood by almost everyone. If you visit China, they speak a Chinese language and you do not know Chinese, but you know English so you might be able to converse with them because they do understand the English language somewhere. So learning English can make you a global citizen.

2. Mandatory language

All the schools are English medium, where English is mandatory. So it is important to know and understand English. 

3. Course material is in English

All the course material of all the schools, colleges and universities are in the English language, be it your textbook, or any other reading material. Ideally, it is better to learn English while in school itself, but in case you missed that opportunity for some reason, you can enroll in various online and offline classes.

4. Most of the important written pieces are in English

Let us put this way, Everything you get is in the English language, be it any guiding material, your labels on medicine, the disclaimer everything. Anything you can think of is in the English language.

5. Gives you an edge

It gives you an edge over others who do not speak English. So you have an opportunity for a better job if you speak English.

6. Travel abroad

This is one to the best reason for your question, why learn English. If you know English, you can travel abroad, work there, as you will not face difficulty in having a conversation with, understanding them and vice- versa.

7. Business world

English dominated the business world and hence learning it is very important. 

8. Top movie

English is the major language for producing movies and music. So you get a great wealth of English entertainment.

9. Internet content

Most of the content produced on the internet is in English rather than in any vernacular or Hindi language. The Internet is a sensation in today’s world.

10. Makes communication easier

It makes it easier for you to communicate and understand things much better if you know English as it is commonly used in various areas and our day to day lives.

11. Intellectual challenge

The English language is an intellectual challenge, you need to master the nuances to be able to speak and it gives you confidence, builds your personality.

It is like you cannot survive without English in today’s world. You need to learn. You feel alienated without English. No one understands you and vice versa.

Learning English now is not that difficult also. Knowing English is better as you have one more language to speak besides your mother tongue. So everyone must Learn English.


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