Why One Should Learn English In School?


Why do we Learn English

Let us dive into why do we learn English in School. Learning English is important for students. People all around the world speak English and have adopted it as their second language. English is the official language of 53 countries. A lot of people you meet speak English. Around 400 million people speak English as their first language around the world.

People have accepted English and use it in their daily conversations. It is the official language in a large number of countries. It is estimated that the number of people that uses English to communicate regularly is 2 billion. 

Many countries include English as a second language in their school syllabus and children start to learn English at a very young age. English is the most spoken language in the world. Learning English Will Make You A Global Citizen and will improve your future prospects. According to the stats, 1 out of 5 people can speak or at least understand English.

Why one should learn English in school

  1. It is the most spoken language in the world.

2. Schools teach English as a second language.

3. English is the language of science, computers, etc.

4. All the textbooks and course material are printed in English.

5. A lot of people you meet nowadays speak the English language.

6. Schools have made it mandatory to speak in English.

8. English is the language of the internet. The Internet publishes data in the English language. A student who learns English can use the Internet effectively. 

9. Lastly, English is also the language of the media. Your TV shows, films, songs are in the English language which children like.

Children as learners

The question remains, why do we learn English in School? A child is a fast learner. Children can grab things quickly and they tend to remember things for a longer period. At a student level, it is easier for children to learn things and it is also simpler for teachers to mold them the way you want. They are like wet clay and you can mold them in any desired shape.

So making them learn English at an early age is important. Children in India learn the Hindi language at home as it is their mother tongue and it comes to them naturally. Children grow up learning the Hindi language. But these days it has become imperative that children also learn the English language and master it.

The only place where children can learn the English language naturally and master the art is School. Your child must learn English in school. The reason being, Due to the increasing popularity of English, all the schools have started offering programs in English and to get admission into those schools your child must know basic English.

Learning English in schools

Why do we learn English in school? Learning English in school is beneficial because all the study material provided in schools is in the English language. The language used by teachers to teach is also English. English is the universal language. English is the language of media, the internet, studies. So to learn and be able to study further, operate computers one must learn English.

In school, children have this opportunity to inculcate the habit of speaking English. Schools are the best means to learn English. They will teach you English with correct pronunciation and grammar usage.

When children get this opportunity to converse with other students in English, they will feel comfortable to speak English as a proper environment is being provided to them. Then it comes to them naturally and they do not feel as if it is a burden.

At school, you are taught English from scratch. Moreover, you are taught as a beginner and as you grow and reach a higher standard, your level of English improves and is taught accordingly. In this sense, you master the art of speaking and writing English as well as learn the nuances of the language. Regular practice can help you Improve Your English Speaking Skills!

Furthermore, you are given proper guidance and training at school. So, if you have already learned English in school, you will not face problems once you pass out of school and move to another level in your life. For you getting into jobs, moving to foreign locations will be easy as you already know English. Thus, It gives you an added advantage.


If you do not learn English at school, you will not only feel inferior or lose many job opportunities and other opportunities in life. You will not be able to learn English as perfectly as you would have done it at the school level.

No crash course can perfect this art. You can learn English from an English speaking institute but you will not feel that confidence and that proficiency will not be there.

Therefore, it is better to learn English in School.

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