How To Learn English Through The News?


Learning English

You already know that English you can learn through music, movies, and TV shows. Did you know that you can also learn English with News? Your aim should be to learn English no matter the source. You can also learn about what is going on in the world with the news. 

Why Learn English with News?

You now have one more option to learn the English language, learn English with News. The news is an excellent source to learn English and gain information. News can be your English classroom in addition to informing you about the world.

News programs are perfect for learning English as they are written clearly and directly. Learning English is not about just improving your vocabulary. It is also to connect with English speakers.

You will be able to speak better English if you know what is happening in the world. A great platform to learn English is the English news channel as they have good English speakers that speak great English with accurate pronunciation, fluency and a good vocabulary.

Learn English with News: 4 Tips

1. Read the Newspaper at your learning level and watch TV online

 You can learn English with the news in two ways:

The New York Times offers a weekly column on its Learning Network to learn American English. After you read, take the quizzes on punctuation and word choices.

BBC has a daily program Words in the News for British English. Commentators (the people who read the news) list important words then read a story that includes those words, words may be tough (difficult), though. Just review it if it is required.

2. Read and watch high-quality news

Look out for the news that is crisp and clear in writing. News that is clear, short and declarative is the most effective method to learn English with News. The story writing should be as easy to read as the headline or title at the top. Some of the high-quality news is like USA Today which has a lot to offer to language learners because the writing style is very direct.

The Guardian can be clicked on a tab and it also has a crisp, clean writing style. The tab helps you switch to English language vocabulary and news more suited to Americans, Brits, and Aussies.

Since you can see, hear, and read all at once, video news has a particular advantage for English learners, but you need a good collection (group) of videos to draw from.

3. Read and watch the news that you like

You can learn English with news better and faster by watching and reading from sources that you like. For example- If you like football, ESPN may be a great site for you. ESPN Football Club offers all the football coverage you want, including stories about the game in just about every country in the world.

So, therefore reading and watching the news on the topic that you are interested in will be more motivated as well as it is interesting.

4. News should be read out loud with a pen in hand

Reading out loud helps slow down and sort out the meanings of the word and improve pronunciation. Reading is a great way to learn English with the news because the articles tend to be short and the vocabulary tends to stay the same on each topic.

So, you can note down the words that you find difficult or interesting while you are reading the news.

A great step in learning the English language is newspaper and News Channels as they are a credible source of information. English Newspaper and News channel have the best of the English language in terms of vocabulary and grammar. These will help you a great deal in improving your Grammar.

You might find it difficult at times to understand and learn the language due to the level of English used. But it is worth it. You will be able to speak and learn correct English.

You can choose your newspaper and news channel to learn English where you feel comfortable. By this, you will also be able to develop a habit of reading and watching newspaper and news channels respectively.

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