5 Achievements Of My Life


Life achievements have no generalized meaning. It means different to every individual.

High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectations – Charles Kettering

As rightly said, achievement depends on the framework of expectations of an individual.

For some, it is loads of money, fame, lots of parties, super hot chicks, thousands of social media followers, ultra-cool cars, a private jet, and a villa on the coast of Hawaii. But for someone else, it might just be bringing a change in someone’s life or earning 3 meals for his/her family.

Even I have some set standards for my achievements. Some are big, some are small but I felt great after accomplishing them so I count them as my life achievements.

1. Friends for life

I’ve managed to make a lot of good friends on whom I can bank upon at any point in my life. They’ll be there for sure. Worth more than a billion-dollar villa or any other luxury. A good friend is a true blessing of God. We all feel comfortable in the company of friends.

Of course, friendship is vital to living life to its maximum. We can spend delightful moments with our friends. All of us need somebody with whom we can share our emotions.

When the tide doesn’t seem to be on our side, a friend is someone who fills courage and confidence in our hearts. Someone rightly said, “walking with the friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.”

Friends keep us grounded as well as also help us retain the child in us no matter how old we get or how busy we are in leading our professional, personal lives and life achievements.

I feel blessed to have found such friends in life.

2. Saving the life of an unborn child

It happened around 2 years ago. I was visiting my relatives in a small town in Haryana at that time. One of my relatives was very upset. I asked her, “Why was she so upset?” She said that she has given birth to a second girl child her husband and in-laws behave very rudely with her and don’t take care of her health.

I was shell-shocked that in such well off and good families as well such kind of thinking is prevailing in these modern times.

I gathered some courage to talk to him and asked him why he was doing that. He told me all the usual old fashioned statements about a girl child and that he wanted a boy who could take care of the family in the future.

I discussed with him and made him realize that girls are equally important and can do everything a boy can do in today’s world. I explained to him that having a girl child is not the sole fault of her wife. She should not get any punishment for the same. He should be happy with girls and take care of her wife and raise her daughters well.

I assured him that his daughters will make him proud in the future. I don’t know if it was my explaining to him or anything else, he realized his mistake and did not go ahead with any other child. He also fought with his parents for his wife and daughters and now they are a happy family.

After all, I have achieved in life, I consider this to be my biggest life achievement, however little I may have contributed in swaying his decision.

3. Ran a marathon

From the past 2-3 years, I wanted to run a marathon but could never participate because of one or the other reason. But last week only, I got a chance to run a marathon organized by our university. It was a run against food wastage.

I completed the marathon in a good time and was in the top 50 in the females’ category. That was one hell of an experience and I learned a lot of things. I had never thought that I would be able to finish a marathon but I always wanted to and hence my will power made me achieve this. It was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life.

4. Learnt Cooking

When I was 16-17, my mom always scolded me for not taking any interest in household work. I was always reluctant to do any household work and was more interested in studies.

But when I came to Mumbai for my job, I started leaving in a shared flat and had to cook many times because I never liked the food cooked by our maid. So I used to ask my mom on phone or through video chats about different recipes.

I used to try out different styles on my own and slowly became an expert in cooking. Now I enjoy cooking and my mother also loves all the dishes made by me.

This is a lifetime achievement in itself because I love doing it.

5. Good Grades

Being a district topper in 10th and 12th boards is also one of my greatest achievement from school.

This was about my achievements. What are yours?

If you have some LIFE achievements, let us know. share with us at partner@edu4sure.com and we will share with the world.


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