Setting-up Webinar: Pre-recorded or Live?

Want to Conduct a Webinar? Read and Analyse your preference.

People may have different choices in live or pre-recorded performances when it comes to taking benefits from webinars. But when it comes to training, which one would most people prefer? Live or pre-recorded? This is the focus of this article. By comparing the pros and cons of each option, hopefully, we would be able to choose for maximun benefits from webinar.

Webinars are a useful tool to include in your training program. For one thing, it is more convenient. Your attendees do not have to commute long distances, sit for hours in a place packed with strangers to access all the valuable information. Instead, they can be comfortable at home while accessing the webinars.

Setting up a webinar may seem like a daunting task at first, but like most things, once you get a hang of it, it becomes so much easier. Whether pre-recorded or live webinars are your choice, each option gives you the chance to customize your delivery keeping in mind your target audience. Webinars are also a good way to show presentation skills on camera. But first, do you know about Webinars And Its Utilities?

Now, coming to the point, there are many advantages and disadvantages to pre-recorded and live webinars. Below enlisted are some useful points to consider while making a choice.

Pre-recorded webinars


1. Time constraint

In the case of pre-recorded webinars, the presenter can go on as long as he/she wishes to. There is no rush as the attendees can consume the content as his/her own pace. In today’s busy world, they can even divide up the content into pieces and watch them at leisure.

2. Less Cost

From the view of the presenters, pre-recorded options are cheaper. After all, you only have to record them once. Then the same webinars can be reused at different times. Of course, the quality of the pre-recorded webinar must be up to standards. They should not have any errors or contain any information that is out of date.

3. No connection difficulty

Technical difficulties are a no-show when considering pre-recorded webinars. When you have viewers from different time zones, and when there are too many people, hosting a live session becomes complicated due to real-time connections and internet access. This can be avoided by pre-recording the sessions and making them available to all the relevant parties.

4. Preparation

Pre-recorded webinars give a chance to be better prepared. In the case of live webinars, the presenter has to have the ability to think on his feet and face the challenge of responding to the demands of the moment. Pre-recorded webinars give you a chance to plan out every moment of your content for future viewing.


It should come as no surprise that pre-recorded content has some identifiable disadvantages.

1. No rapport

There is less connection with people that are attending. The whole session becomes similar to someone giving a speech and becomes too one-sided. This problem does not arise in live webinars.

2. Questions

You cannot get real-time questions that the attendees may have. This does not give you an opportunity of clearing people’s doubts.

Live webinars

Likewise, live webinars also have several pros and cons.


1. Connection

Live webinars are a useful and very powerful way to reach your target audience. Psychologically, there is an advantage when people get to interact with people instead of seeing a video on a training course. In a live webinar, the attendees are watching you in real-time and you get to interact with them and answer their questions. This connection leads to positive results.

2. Relevant content

Content will become more engaging in a live webinar. The presenter will be able to focus on recent events.


1. Cost

Live webinars are much more expensive than the alternative. In live sessions, the trainer is to be paid each time as opposed to paying the trainer only one time in the case of pre-recorded sessions.

2. Convenience

Pre-recorded ones are more convenient than live webinars. Trainers have to make time on specific days to make a live webinar and they can record at their leisure instead. The viewer also does not get a chance to learn at his/her own pace.

3. Connections

Due to technical difficulties, live webinars can be somewhat of a tricky choice. When internet access is slow live webinars are a bad choice. Time and money, both can be wasted in the choice of a live webinar.

To sum up, a table might be beneficial to compare the choices.

Pre-recorded webinars – My view

AdvantagesDisadvantagesMy View
Cost is lowerLess communicationCost is high if we consider the value of learner’s time & learning engagement
More convenientLess updated contentUpdated content is important, not our convenience
No technical difficultiesNo answering questionsAlways solve learner’s queries right away


The above table also has my views as well. I believe pre-recorded has less benefits of webinars for the learners.

Live Webinars – My view

AdvantagesDisadvantagesI Ask You
Better communicationCost is higherDo you believe “Better learning saves time and gives you fast growth, which finally gives you more return/income”?
Answering questionsLess convenientIf you don’t solve learner’s queries solved, what is the point to teach?
Recent topics coveredTechnical Issue like Internet gets disconnectedDo you think that the internet will be lost? Usually, it happens 1% (means 1 out of 100 times)


Reviewing all this, it is easier to make a choice. Pre-recorded webinars has benefits. But missing a chance to connect with your audience and build a rapport is not wise. Events that are interactive and vibrant will automatically attract viewers. Variables like cost should not be a priority while deciding on the benefits of webinar.

Therefore, live webinars should be a better choice.

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