Why I Would Love To Work In A Startup?


An average graduate study for 2-4 years, 40 Subjects, 400 Experiments, 4000 Assignments and 40000 hours. Finally, you are all set to enter the industrial world but you are in two minds now whether to go for a high-paying entry-level position at a reputable brand in your field or to join a start-up? Let us together find out whether you would love to work in a startup or not.

Let us define a Startup first

A startup is a young company that is just beginning to develop. Flipkart is a start-up even Uber and I am sure you must have heard about many more. But what makes start-ups so attractive? There are many reasons for it. Before we embark on this make sure that you have cleared your mind of all previous perceptions you have about startups.

What makes a startup so attractive?

1. Quality of Work

Being in a startup means you will be working in a small team but you will love working there.

What I mean to say is In big corporation’s big decisions are taken by top corporates and your opinion or inputs hardly matter but in a startup, it’s the opposite, You will have to take major decisions like what strategy to adopt, where to put the money like do you want to expand into new cities or you want to build upon your online preference.

2. Opportunities

Since your organization is in the initial development phase so are your opportunities. You will have the chance to take your startup to great heights vis a vis your career also. Startups provide you with an opportunity to decide the course or direction where you want to take the company.

In big corporations, Your strategies will hardly be listened to forget about implemented until you reach a certain level.

3. Jack of all trades

You will not have a specifically defined role. Someday you will find yourself doing marketing, someday managing the finance or someday interviewing people as HR.

So that is the beauty of startups, you get to learn every aspect of the business. There is no particular technology or domain but you have been Jack of all trades and master of all.

4. Innovation and Learning

One thing which you must realize in a startup is that it is a brainchild of someone and this someone is not a normal person. He or She is an entrepreneur who had the guts and courage to take the risk and live out his dream.

Working under such a person will make you learn more than what you have for the past 16 years in education. Such persons are awe-inspiring

5. Awesome Atmosphere

Suits, tie, formal shirts, tags with your id making you feel like a dog. NOPE!! Nothing applies to a startup. If you feel like coming up to the office in your pajamas or shorts, you are most welcomed as work is getting done.

Also, there is high visibility of the higher management you might even not know and you are having lunch with the founder of the company.

6. Spartan

Let’s face it, Startups are not exactly cashing rich organizations. They are always looking for funding’s which means that you must be frugal and thrifty. You will be pushed to find solutions at minimum cost to the company. This is a good exercise as like once Bill gates quoted “I hire the laziest people as they find the most innovative way to solve a problem“.

7. They aren’t stable

Yes, it might seem like a disadvantage but it can also be the biggest advantage. Don’t get me wrong, but there’s nothing more boring than working with companies who are afraid to change.

Old fashion companies need online marketing but rarely agree to the changes, ideas, and craziness of a team like us. But startups are all about taking risks. It is said even Spiderman has to take the risk then why should not you.

This is the best part of startups you leap If you win you achieve greats and if you lose you learn a lot from that experience and can start over again making sure you do not repeat the same mistakes. This is a win-win situation that rarely you can find in a startup.

So, I hope you are all pumped to join a startup. You would love to know that there is much more to a startup that I cannot convey with words it has to be lived.

Anyhow, I tried to give you an overview but in the end, Choice is yours. If you are lucky then you might have offers from both the beef industry and a startup. You should think thousand times before choosing but after choosing do not even think once and give you a hundred percent effort.


  1. Startups allows their employee to give open suggestions. I have experience it, as I am working in start up company and can say it definitely provides a unique experience and gives more learning.


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