What To Do In Case We Get Low Marks In Board Exams?


BOARDS – This word has always been a nightmare for the students and their parents for generations. The entire year is spent buried in books, preparing for one of the most important exams all the students face in their entire lives. So, what to do in case we get low marks in board exams?

Despite doing everything right, with the growing competition and unbelievable cutoffs, there are a lot number of students who might be disappointed with the low marks in board exams. If you are one of them then this piece is the one for you. Try reading it! You never know, you might find that ray of hope you are looking for.


I know it sounds ridiculous, telling you to do the one thing you have been doing all your life, but you have been holding your breath since the time the results were out. So just let go of all the anxiety, worry, and tension that has been gripping you and just breath.


Yes, your people. The people for whom you mean much more than your low score. Chances are you might have disappointed your parents and family but talk to them. They will understand eventually and tell you that they love you regardless of your board results.

Also, do not give a second thought to what your nosy neighbor or that naysayers have to say about your result. These people will have something to say even when you have a job, get married and have kids. God’s given us two ears for a reason. Use both of them.


You are your best friend. So shut off the world and do your thing. Walk your dog, read that book, paint your heart out or dance it out or go for a Marvel movie marathon. Do whatever fuels your soul.

At the same time understand that the world is full of people like cricket God SACHIN or our favorite RJ Nikhil Chinnapa who failed their boards and the world still loves them. So, stop blaming yourself and just do your thing.


Ok, so what’s done is done. There is no crying over spilled milk. Now is the time to focus and find what you are good at doing. Chances are what you like and want to do might not even need a very high score on your boards. There are many professional choices like a designer or a photographer that do not require high performance in your boards.


Now that you have figured out what you like learn as much as you can about that field. Google it or talk to someone in the same field and understand the correct approach to move forward.


There are a lot of several courses and even a large number of colleges where your low marks in board exams won’t even matter. So research about such colleges and start preparing for their entrance exams. Apply before it’s too late. You don’t want to miss their deadline to apply just because you were busy moping about your boards.


This is the last thing I would suggest you do. Go for re-evaluation only when you are sure you have done better and that you deserve more marks then you have been allotted. And also if you feel that your career option requires you to score well then I suggest you apply for re-exam.

CBSE does offer you a choice to write the exam again even after you passed your first exam. But keep in mind that your old score will be wiped out and your new score will be considered in the future. So go for re-exam only if you are sure you can upgrade your score.

I know all this may seem a little overwhelming by now. It’s easier said than done. But I also want you to know that nobody has ever changed the world by getting a perfect score on their boards and nobody ever will. You can opt for career counselling and they can help you see things in a better perspective.

So, while you are in a tough spot and might feel that your life is over let me be the one to assure you that it hasn’t even started. Life after 12th board result can be anything you want it to be. There are better and beautiful things to come. So, don’t lose that hope and just move forward. Life is a beautiful journey to and your board score is just a tiny bump in the road.


  1. Marks are important. Getting good grades is a great thing in the competitive world, but it is not more important than the student’s life. Life is much more then marks.

  2. 12th results announced today and my brother is so much disappointed since he watched his result. I got many points from this article to calm him down.


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