How To Make Your Career Soar High?


Turbocharging your career is essential, especially when a drooping slope on the graph is visible. The corporate world needs constant change, and to be a high flier in the race, one needs to master in some of their acts. This blog will guide you on how to make your career soar high.

Some of the vital things you need to consider while planning to soar high into your career

1. Work on the wardrobe

Smartening up never hurts, rather helps one set good ‘first’ impressions. As the saying goes, first impressions are often the last impressions, and not always would one get a chance to showcase one’s other sides as well, so working on a wardrobe helps.

Here are some tips that would be quite helpful:

  • No need of 3 piece suit, gear yourself up with some relaxed policy. Spruce yourself up with tee shirts, casual shirts, and trousers.
  • Causal footwear also works wonders at workplaces.
  • Look fresh, one coming to workplace straight out of bed, makes a nasty impression, and a leading position should be way far from it.
  • If you do not have a beard, go with a complete shave look, it makes one feel fresh.

2. Listen actively: Be attentive like your pet dog

One needs to be attentive at all times, and active listening is one of the qualities that a leader should possess, other abilities use this extensively to get built on.

Through this, the person with whom we’re in conversation feels important, and to lead masses this is one of the most important skills.

Acceptance comes through attentive listening, and following some guidelines here can be helpful:

  • By nodding and making motivating comments, like ‘great’, ‘wow’, superb’, ‘interesting’ or repeating what the person has said, makes the conversation very consuming and attractive. Engaging in such conversation draws a lot of attention.
  • Non-Verbal communications such as looking directly into eyes, moving head and hands, gesturing through facial expressions, leaning forward to grab attention, is all that adds up to even better leadership qualities.
  • Even if you find comments unjustified and unreliable, do not interrupt in between the conversation, wait for your turn and then speak, listen actively.
  • Recollect and point out various things that had been a part of the conversation and remind people of how intently you had been listening.

3. Become socially active: both on and off media

You need to socialize with people and make way to their hearts so that they know for what you are. Connecting with colleagues through all means makes bond grow and help in developing a cohesive team.

  1. Talk to people around with a smile.
  2. Connect with colleagues on social media.
  3. Make new friends and bond with many people.

4. Be trustworthy

To trust and to be trusted, these are two different things yet very necessary. The development of one leads to the improvement of others. The more your co-workers, corporate leaders, colleagues trust you, the more productive the environment will be. Hence a rapid growth of oneself as an individual and as a team.

Trust doesn’t develop in some freckle of time but demands an entirely renowned time of its own, and it deepens if some specific traits are often encountered.

To become trustworthy one must keep the following tips in mind :

  • Conversations done should be kept confidential and shouldn’t be made a gossip of.
  • During meetings, don’t fiddle with your phone, instead spend some quality time together with colleagues.
  • Admit your errors honestly and take charge of correcting them in the minimum possible time.
  • Be honest with them, even for the slightest of thing, tell them frankly about an issue they come up with, subtly tell why you agree or disagree with them and how it could be worked upon.

5. Goal orientation and reality check

When you know what your goal is, your vision sets clear, entering into the reality and hence succeeding in whatever planned. This becomes very important in one’s career.

If you are aware of your potential, exploratory goals and what development you need, it becomes easier for the bosses to channelize the resources for you.

The higher you know what you’re responsible for and how you can convey it to the potential helpers, the higher chances of them being able to assist you will be witnessed.

Following  are the ways to build Reality/Goal orientation

  • You should be aware of what you opt for out of the career and what is essential that resides within the career.
  • Work on areas you’re good at. Recognize them and tell your managers about the positives you hold within. It’d help in seeking attention.
  • Identify specific limitations or developmental areas you are cognizant of. At one or another point of time, others have given you feedback on similar lines.
  • Give specific feedback. Start discussing your tentative one- to three-year goals to soar high in your personal life and career.
  • Describe the reality of your abilities and situations accurately.

Once you find your niche, your career would soon start to soar high. To turbocharge your career, you should bring yourself in tune with the knowledge of things around you. Just you need is timely observation records daily.


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