What Is & How To Make A Career In Marketing?


Have you ever wondered what would happen if marketing is not there? Companies will produce but how would consumers know of what is produced? How can you communicate the advantages your product has over your competitors? How will you get feedback from consumers? Let us explore the prospects of a career in Marketing.

So we are now sure that marketing plays a very important role in business.

But what exactly marketing is?

The science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit. Marketing not only identifies unfulfilled needs and desires but also defines, measures and quantifies the size of the identified market and the profit potential. It pinpoints which segments the company is capable of serving the best and its designs and promotes the appropriate products and services.

The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Marketing is an art. Good marketing is critical to the success of any business and getting what it is will help your business get started on the right track.

Why Career in Marketing is Worth the Expense?

Many companies view marketing as an expense but when a business realizes the growth it can bring, they understand that it is an investment and if done correctly results in huge returns.

You have to create a strategy on how to market the product because as much as good marketing can lead to the great success of the product, bad or irrelevant marketing will take the consumer away from it.

The goal of marketing can range according to the objective of the marketer. It can be one of the following:

  • Creating awareness
  • Increase engagement and loyalty
  • Increase sales
  • Introducing new additional feature
  • Increase the rate of recognition and recall

The list contains the major reasons but is not exhaustive.

New Trends that can influence career in marketing

1. Experiential marketing

Experiential marketing focuses primarily on helping consumers experience a brand. While traditional advertising vocally and visually communicates the brand and product benefits, experiential marketing tries to engross the consumers within the product by appealing to as many other human senses as possible.

It directly engages consumers and invites and cheers them to participate in the evolution of a brand. Usually, experiential marketing campaigns act as complements to traditional marketing ones but as honest internet virality gains more and more influence, many brands started executing experiential marketing campaigns that exist on their own.

This type of career in marketing can help you fetch top job roles. Some companies are giving a lot of focus on experiential marketing. Almost everything Red Bull does is based around experiential marketing, from its Air Race, to its F1 team, to its extreme sports events. In another famous campaign, Lifebuoy leveraged the opportunity of Kumbh Mela to publicize the message of the importance of washing hands.

They used roti as the medium to propagate the message. As the only way to have roti is to eat it by hand, they used heat stamp on roti which read ‘lifebuoy se haath dhoye kya?’

2. Emotional/Sentimental marketing

Emotional marketing is communication that refers to the practice of constructing brands that appeal directly to a consumer’s emotional state, needs, and desires. One of the brands that have used emotional marketing is ‘Paper Boat’. This type of marketing is also popular these days and this type of career in marketing has a lot of scope for future growth.

With their tagline ‘Drinks and memories’, they try to strike a chord with the memories that consumers had as a child and the homemade flavors they cherish.

3. Virtual reality marketing

Virtual reality is the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or surroundings that can be interacted with in a real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment. People that succeed with Virtual Reality (VR) Marketing do two things very well:

  • They identify VR Marketing narratives that get the results.
  • They put 100% of their resources into creating the stories that resonate with their audience.

The reasons why VR campaigns are successful is because they are immersive, impactful, memorable and novel. Test driving a car through virtual reality makes a lot of. Volvo made an app to support the launch of its XC90 SUV. It puts the potential buyer in the cockpit and takes him on an idyllic ride through the country. It is the newest form of marketing and such a career in marketing can land you some high paying jobs.

Career opportunities in a career in marketing


A bachelor’s degree is required. However, If you want to move into a management position, the best opportunities are there if you get a master’s degree especially a Master in Business Administration (MBA).


Certification is not necessary for making a career in marketing, but there are some professional credentials available. Completing these programs may give job candidates a competitive advantage. Here are few of the top certifications in the field:

  • Professional Researcher Certification (PRC) for market research analysts
  • Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) credential
  • Google Adwords and Analytics certification
  • HootSuite University, Social Media Certification


A marketing professional can do one or more of the following jobs:

  • Negotiate contracts, advertising media, or products to be advertised
  • Research and plan advertising campaigns and inspect the creative layout
  • Decide communication and distribution channels
  • Organize market research studies and analyze their findings
  • Develop pricing strategies for products to be marketed
  • Meet with clients to present campaigns and make an offer

Career paths

To make a career in marketing there is a huge range of career paths, from the creative, innovative, strategic to the analytical:

In a career in marketing, these are some common types of top marketing managers:

  • Advertising managers: They create interest in products and services and work with sales staff to design advertising campaigns for clients.
  • Public relations managers: They are responsible for maintaining a positive public image of the company for their client base
  • Marketing managers: Their role is to estimate the demand for a product and identify target markets in which develop strategies to help maximize market share.
  • Promotions managers: They plan communication programs to convey the product to the consumers
  • Brand managers: They are responsible for creating and instituting brand assets for a company or product.
  • Sales managers: They direct sales force and set goals to be achieved to increase profitability
  • Market research analysts: They study market conditions to explore the potential sales of a product or service and estimate its profitability

What are some skills that can help you in shaping a successful career in marketing?

1. A customer is the King

Always keep in mind that whatever you are doing is for the customer. He is the one who is going to drive sales. Sometimes the marketer gets so attached to the product that he unintentionally avoids the customer feedback and continues it as per his view. This may hamper the company’s image as being reluctant to customer needs.

2. Never be afraid to ask

When you are new in the marketing field, never be afraid to ask people to clarify your doubts. Numerous experts in the field can guide you through. Also asking consumers how they think and perceive your product is always a welcome move.

3. Focus on multifaceted content creation 

Care has to be taken that you portray a similar image of the brand while marketing it on various channels.

So the content that is created must be good to published across various platforms because the quality of content plays a striking role in marketing

4. Optimize existing marketing and distribution channels

A career in marketing demands qualities like optimization and efficiency. Optimize the offline and online channels you are using to connect with consumers. Make them as engaging as possible.

An optimal distribution channel is of great importance because no good amount of marketing can help if the product is not available when and where it is in demand.

5. Create strong customer relationships

Strong customer relationships help in creating loyal customers. This loyal customer will act as supporters of the brand and will do a very reliable ‘word of mouth’ marketing. Also, good consumer relationships will help in the conversion ratio from trials to loyal consumers

6. Be patient

It may happen that the campaign does not give immediate results. It especially takes time to get into success mode when the brand is new and less familiar. Be patient and trust the campaign and continue to put effort into it. There are high chances it will be successful.

7. Make use of analytics

Analytics is an important part of a career in marketing. Analytics has changed the way n which marketer have information about consumer behavior. With the advent of technology, a huge amount of unstructured data can be stored and processed.

This unstructured data is called ‘Big Data’. We can record customer feedbacks, see the history of successful and unsuccessful campaigns. From this data, we perform analytics and develop insights that are helpful in decision making. It also helps to gain valuable insights into consumer behavior.

An example of a company that uses analytics to drive growth is Netflix. It tracks the activities that users do on their platforms. Right from which shows they watch, do they watch to the end, do they pause it in between and whether they resume. It uses all this data to show the choices of shows to its consumers.

8. Never be skeptical 

Experiment as much as you can and don’t be afraid of it. It will certainly polish your skills and help you stand out from the crowd. You can experiment with various ideas. Let the creativity in your flow and then analyze what best can be achieved.

Now since we have seen what good career in marketing can do and how to be a good marketer, go build up your brand and enjoy its success. 🙂

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