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Mechanical engineering is a big field in engineering known for its large scale application. Plants, robots, heating and cooling systems, aircraft, vehicles, ships, and even in medical devices are manufactured with the help of Mechanical Engineers.

Students are taught subjects like kinematics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, materials science, etc.

Mechanical Engineering students will know the engineering concepts taught to them during the course and will be using them in the industry. Further, it has good prospects in the industry as well as in higher studies.

Mechanical engineers research, develop, build, test mechanical and thermal devices, sensors and tools, engines, machines.

Ordinarily, people generally have a myth that Mechanical Engineers are always the ones who work in various workshops with a small pay scale. In reality, there is a lot of office work because of the vast application of computers in mechanical engineering.

Moreover, the job profile for a mechanical engineer is almost similar to that of a computer engineer.

Duties performed by Mechanical Engineers

  • Analysis of problems to figure out how mechanical and thermal devices solve a particular problem
  • Designing and redesigning of mechanical and thermal devices using computer-aided systems (CAD)
  • Examine and analyze the results and change the design as per the needs
  • Oversee the manufacturing process for the device

They design and look after the manufacture of mechanical devices to new batteries. Furthermore, they know the art of designing power-producing machines like generators, steam and gas turbines, your home appliances refrigerator, air conditioners and other appliances of similar categories.

The use of computer systems by mechanical engineers not only makes work easy and faster. It helps them to analyze, test how the machine is going to interact with the environment, connected systems, creating specifications for parts.

The number of job opportunities is immense for a mechanical engineer. 2014 data reveals 277, 500 jobs held by mechanical engineers. The industry that employs most mechanical engineers are as follow:

  • Engineering services 19%
  • Machinery Manufacturing 15%
  • Computer and Electronic product manufacturing 7 %
  • Research and development in the physical, engineering and life sciences 6 %
  • Aerospace product and parts manufacturing 6 %

Core Companies that employ most mechanical engineers

Companies offering jobs to Mechanical Engineers are ISRO, DRDO, Indian Railway, ABB, General Motors, Reliance Power Ltd, Asoka Leyland, Mahindra and Mahindra, TATA Motors, etc.

These companies have a job for mechanical engineers and hire them. Chances are they might be visiting your institutes for campus placements and pick you up from the crowd and offer you a job while you are still in the last semester.

Notably, institutes with active placement cell attract large companies to hire students in the last leg of their college.

Mechanical engineering is more of a practical subject than theoretical knowledge. It emphasizes internships and co-ops to prepare students to work in the industry. Eventually, it requires more practical knowledge better the student at work.

Some universities also offer a 5-year program for mechanical engineering. It is a combination of both and allows you to obtain a bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Students gain valuable experience side by side.

Qualities of a Mechanical engineer

1. Creativity skills

Firstly, engineers are involved in designing and building equipment and machinery. Creativity is needed as complex systems are to be designed.

2. Listening skills

Mechanical engineers work on projects with other professionals such as computer scientists, architecture. So listen to them and work following everyone.

3. Math skills

Also, mechanical engineers use principles of maths, calculus, statics and advanced subjects in maths.

4. Mechanical Skills

Further, new systems are designed with the help of engineering and mechanical skills.

5. Problem-solving skills

Lastly, they require problem-solving skills to take scientific discoveries and use them in designing of products.

Almost every top university offers mechanical engineering courses. A lot of research is going on in the specialized fields of Mechanical Engineering. Also, there is a lot of scope for students studying research abroad.

Conclusively, mechanical engineering is a good career option for aspiring engineers in India and abroad.


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