Importance Of Mentoring


Do you have a mentor? I’ve had multiple mentors. My mentors have helped me to learn new skills. These individuals possess a wealth of knowledge in their fields of expertise. Mentors have been my trusted guides and best teachers. I’ve learned so much from each one. In this blog, I’ll show you how mentoring helps in success.

Why Is Mentoring Important?

1. Mentees perform better

To Have a dedicated person to go to with questions about your work and help you navigate the workplace is invaluable. A mentor helps a mentee feel more secure in their work, opens up lines of communication, and this has an organic effect on mentee performance.

When a mentee feels comfortable asking questions and receives job-related support, they’ll shoot for the stars!

2. Develop new skills

Not only can a mentoring partnership to help younger and more inexperienced workers gain job-related skills, mentoring helps both parties develop soft skills such as working collaboratively with others.

Thus the organization benefits from having employees that demonstrate respect, understand workplace relationships and can work well with others.

3. Creates a better workplace environment

Having a mentor can lead to increased job satisfaction for both the mentor and the mentee. Mentoring certainly helps in building a network of both social and professional support within the company and can reduce stress levels for employees.

To have someone to check in with and to share your ideas with can help relieve workplace anxiety for mentees. Mentors can connect on a personal level with junior employees, essentially closing the knowledge and the social gaps that exist in some workplace cultures.

4. Retention

Mentoring creates a sense of satisfaction and belonging for employees on both sides of the mentoring partnership. When both employees feel like they are being valued for their contributions, even on a one-to-one basis, then they’re more likely to stay in the game for the long haul.

If the person being mentored has a senior person that’s easy to reach out to and their questions and concerns are being addressed, then why would they leave? Mentors are gaining leadership skills and having an impact on their mentee’s career.

5. Rewarding

The mentoring relationship can be both personally and professionally rewarding. Each partner benefits from the relationship. Career-wise, having a seasoned professional to share their knowledge with a mentee can form the building blocks of a stellar career path. Mentors have a direct impact on their mentee’s professional growth.

Must-Haves for any Mentor and Mentee relationship for it to succeed

1. Compatibility

We should know that the success of any mentoring partnership relies heavily on how well-matched the mentor and mentee are. Both the mentor and mentee must be able to converse easily and have a genuine interest in helping each other. The partnership doesn’t need to be too formal.

2. Not a One-Way Street

A mentor and mentee relationship should flow both ways. The Mentees should expect that they are contributing to the relationship in a meaningful way too – not just expecting to receive professional advice without giving back.

3. Clear Expectations

Mentors and mentees should have realistic expectations and objectives as it helps guide the mentoring relationship in the right direction. A mentor is not there to push the mentee forward for promotion, but to help them grow on their career path. Mentorship involves more than just devoting a set time period, it requires buy-in from both sides.

4. Relationship Goals

From the beginning defining the goals of mentoring is the key to a successful partnership. Each partner should be accountable for success. Thus setting goals early-on in the process can help the duo work towards achieving something concrete together.

It doesn’t have to be overly ambitious or formal, but something as simple as “I’d like to learn more about giving great presentations” or “I’d like to share my knowledge of how to navigate regulations to make your job easier”.

Final Words

Let us ask this question “If you don’t have a mentor, can you still succeed in work or life in general?” The answer is – Yes, you can but it is much easier if you have a wonderful mentor.

Don’t you agree? They open doors for us and get directly involved. Mentors show us the next steps and encourage us. So find your own Mentors and sail through your life with a bit of ease.


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