Prospects, Future And Institutes For Mining Engineering In India


Mining Engineering is a discipline that applies science and technology to the extraction of minerals from the earth. Mining operations include exploration and discovery of mineral resources with the help of feasible study, mine design, development of plans, production and operations to mine closure.

Sheena has opted for mining engineering. So here she is seeking valuable information from her uncle Sanjeev who works as a mining engineer.

Let’s hear Sheens and Sanjeev’s conversation

Sheena: Hello uncle, I want to join Mining Engineering. As you have done the same in your college, can you guide me with some details regarding the course?

Sanjeev: Hi Sheena, I am glad you want to choose Mining Engineering as your career option. I will be happy to guide you.

Sheena: Thanks, uncle. So I wanted to know about what all I will be taught in this course?

Sanjeev: It is a huge and very valuable course. To enumerate the mining engineering course provides students with the knowledge of basic engineering studies, mathematics, engineering drawing, rock mechanics, Mine Safety, and Reliability, and relevant computer applications.

Sheena: So, what all would I be learning four years down the lane?

Sanjeev: After four years when you pass out of your college, you will be aware of the theoretical and practical knowledge of the application of extracting and processing minerals from the environment.

Additionally, you will also be exposed to subjects like mineral exploration techniques, processing of minerals, and safety, in mining engineering. Studies of mining on global warming have become an important field of study and research in mining engineering.

Sheena: What is mineral exploration?

Sanjeev: Mineral exploration can be defined as the process of finding ores (concentrations of mineral) to mine.

Sheena: Okay. But does this course have some good scope for me in the future?

Sanjeev: Specifically, only big universities and government-funded universities offer this course and hence, it gives several opportunities for progress and success. Moreover, Mining engineering provides opportunities for both higher education as well as industry.

Sheena: Which are the good institutes providing with this course?

Sanjeev: Many IITs and NITs, ISM Dhanbad, Anna University and some of the state-level universities offer this course. Also, there are many more institutes offering this course and I will let you know more about it.

Sheena: Can you tell me something about mining operations?

Sanjeev: Mining engineers work in established mines as an engineer, mineral exploration. They also work in supervision and management, equipment and mineral salesperson. 

Sheena: Which all companies provide jobs to Mining Engineers?

Sanjeev: Some of the leading companies offering jobs to Mining Engineers are Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Reliance Industries Limited, Steel Authority of India, and TATA Power. However, certain public sector companies also employ mining engineers are Coal India Limited, Indian Oil Corporation, National Aluminium Corporation, and Bharat Aluminium Limited.

Sheena: Lastly, what is the salary offered to the mining engineers?

Sanjeev: For instance, the average salary offered to a mining engineer is INR 3 lakhs to INR 3.5 lakhs per annum. But the salaries usually depend on the level of skill, position you hold and the kind of organization you are working for.

Sheena: What about safety and health?

Sanjeev: We have stringent codification of enforcement and mandatory health safety regulation. Therefore, a mining engineer in whatever capacity must follow all federal, state and local mine safety laws

Sheena: Thanks a lot uncle. You cleared quite a lot of doubts that I had.

Sanjeev: You are most welcome. And all the best! Choose wisely for the course that suits you the best.

Sheena opted for mining engineering based on the information given to her by uncle Sanjeev.  She is doing great academically and also enjoying the practicals involved. May she become a successful mining engineer in the future.

You heard the conversation as well. Did you find the information given valuable? Do you have extra questions to ask regarding mining engineering that Sheena might not have asked? Well, you can write about your query in the comment section below.

Thank you. We will be happy to answer all your queries and clear your doubts.  Do consider this option based on the information you have in your hand.



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