Sunday, March 7, 2021

Expertise: NLP/ Leadership/ Life Coach
Experience: 12 Years

She is a passionate professional with rich experience in a wide range of leadership training, Psychometric testings, Behavioural & Educational psychological counselling services. With 12 years in this industry, She has a good number of quality experiences to share. She serves as a Counselling Psychologist, Trainer- NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) & Advanced Psychology, Career Counsellor and an Entrepreneur managing three leadership Development centers in Delhi/ NCR.

She is also an MBA from Bim-Tech and has a diploma in Software Exports and Systems management from NIIT

Have pursued Psychologist certification from IGNOU, Delhi University.

Awarded globally certified career counselor from the University of California, Los Angeles Extension…And a trainer in NLP & Advanced life coaching.

She specializes in using psychometric tests to scientific exploration of personality, intellectual & cognitive ability, interests, emotional quotients, Family environment, Parent-Child relationships, values, memory, interests and study habits and more.

Apart from that she also works towards grooming students/ Young adults/professionals in uplifting their confidence, attitude and communication skills through her flagship NLP based premier program I AM I CAN!

Her services also include anxiety guidance and REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy).

She runs her own venture by the name ‘Educoncepts India Initiatives’. As a Director she makes sure the services provided have the best combination of various scientific inputs as per the mentee’s needs.

She tells “I get this question a lot ‘why do you offer so many varied services?’ I believe the experience that I have acquired as part of my passion for excellence has helped me evolve and can help someone else transform their life too. Hence, the programs offered by us are carefully customized as per the individual’s requirements.”

Premise-: Why Leadership training & Counselling?

Look around, 2 out of 10 people are either confused or miserable in life. 85% of students in India don’t have the right resources to guide them. It is disappointing to know that almost 40% of people don’t even realize the need for personal and professional development and that it can it help them transform. Our services enhance the social fabric and overall quality of life and personal and professional productivity.

She has curated individual-based programs that provide NLP and Psychological counseling along with the Advanced life coaching to ages 8-45years.

Trainer’s Experience-

Empowered more than 1000s of training for Young adults.

Ran full day Introducing NLP training for professionals from various organizations in all these years and recent past.

A guest speaker on many forums in Gurgaon to impart specialized NLP content for professionals.

An expert panelist on various online magazines and even TOI.

led panel discussions for Young adult

In-house training and coaching of professional on an ongoing basis.

Blogging actively on ideas and subjects that can empower and transform our clients.