How To Avoid Suicide After Exam Result?


The fear of failure is the greatest sin. Losers are not the ones who make mistakes, rather they are the ones who don’t make an effort out of fear of losing. The same theory applies to students as well. The newspapers remain flooded with young students committing suicide just because they could not make it through the entrance test.

Why Do Students think of Suicide?

IIT JEE or NEET, CAT or UPSC or Boards; these abbreviations might appear to be a word for all of us, but for the ones who are preparing to clear it, who are working hard day in day out, it is way more than just an exam.

When you live with a dream, the dream becomes your passion. The urge to fulfill it becomes so high that failure is just not acceptable. Right?

The students take their inability to crack an exam too Seriously. They forget that an exam cannot and should not judge a person’s true worth.

When the dream that they have envisaged breaks, they get highly demotivated and where do they seek their solace? They seek their solace either via drugs or by running out of the battlefield and giving up on their lives. Is this the solution? Is this the only option?

The answer is a big no.

Who Is To Be Blamed For Suicides?

When we talk of suicidal tendencies among students, we blame the children for their weak mental strength. What we forget is, to look beyond the obvious.

The parents and teachers are to be blamed for the mishappening too.

Role of Parents in Student Suicide

We are living in a world of cutthroat competition. Each one is working to be better than the best, thus soaring the expectations.

Expectations are not bad, parents want the best for their kids but they should remember that the shoulders of their children are tender, and can not tolerate excessive pressure! It is the duty of the parents to relieve the child’s pressure!

We have always seen instances of parents telling their kids to be as good as the neighboring kid or to be as capable as the relative’s kid. Right? This is something really common.

Now you may say that this is not a big deal, expectations lead to hard-work but the flip side to this coin is, that expectations lead to disappointments too!

The parents should give their children space and the opportunity to choose for themselves. Once the children are happy with their choices, they will eventually succeed.

Role of Teachers in Student Suicide

Teachers too are responsible for the student’s success. The teachers should act as a mentor, not just to impart the theories and thesis but to teach them morals that are essential to living a good life!

Degrees are needed to get an earning but what good is that earning if your heart is not at peace?

Thus, to make sure that your heart is at peace, do what it tells you to. The society is to be blamed too!

Role of Society in Student Suicide

Whenever there is someone who fails a trivial test of life, people never forget to mock at him. This is what abets them to give up! This also affects their self-confidence. Thus, the cases of students committing suicide these days due to failures in exams are rising.


The future of the nation depends on the youngsters. If they resort to these ways, where are we as a nation heading? Nowhere of course.

So, it is high time that we realize that failures are part of the preparation phase, and we should be able to deal with such matters.

Thus, students should be motivated by the teachers and by the parents. Help the students in beating the exam heat. They should be told over and over again, that an exam is not the end of life! One closed door doesn’t mean that there is no other window!

The future still stores a lot of opportunities for them!

Edu4Sure Team requests all students not to take any wrong step. “A failure in exam is not a failure in life”.


  1. Here the problem is students don’t care enough to pay attention in their life here parent-child talk is necessary so that they can get to know that every mistake is learning and suicide is not a solution.

  2. Great share
    This is really important to understand physiological that time they are facing lot of things we have to support them that time

  3. I really appreciate the author for this blog and will definitely share this. Parents should empathize with their kids and should teacg them ,failure is the beginning of new journey. Thanyou so much for sharing.

  4. It is the very sensitive issue and everybody need to understand these all things. Thankyou for highlight this topic in your blog.

  5. Most of the students give exams for various posts such as IAS PCS but only some students cleared the exam and rests some students take it seriously and commiting suicide which is not the solution of the problem. This blog is useful for those who couldn’t qualify the exam


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