Offbeat Career Choices You’d Like To Take Up!


Sophisticated cash flow does not bind the building of unique careers. It molds your personality, gives shape to your dreams and seeks your passion. India has priceless career choices and opportunities.  Many of the career choices remain unnoticed. Why do we always find students stuck in the dilemma of engineering and medical?

It’s time to make a transition from mainstream to unique career choices. Here is a list of 5 career options you would want to explore and take up!!!!

Offbeat Career choices exclusively for you!!!

1. Pet Grooming

Do pets fill you with excitement and liveliness? You can convert your love for pets from a mere hobby to a full-time profession.

Pet grooming involves smartening up the external appearance with extra special care towards hygiene. It involves tasks such as trimming and giving shape to the fur coat, cutting nails, shampoo and cleaning teeth.

Pet grooming refines beauty and gives a sense of happiness to the pet. Cleanliness is a significant part of pet grooming. One must sweep off the fur and keep the place of grooming clean for the new clients. Career choices like pet grooming require,

  • patience
  • compassion towards the pets
  • including the styles in the pet as per the owner’s wish

2. Oceanography (the study of all aspects of the ocean)

The environment is at stake due to global warming and the exploitation of resources. In addition to it, the marine life is depleting at a faster rate.

Oceanographers study the changes occurring in water bodies due to natural as well as human effects. They tend to seek solutions to eradicate the harmful effects of greenhouse gases and increased ultraviolet radiation due to the depletion of the ozone layer.

Oceanographers also develop measures to prevent harmful effects of pesticides and fertilizers. Chemical substances affect fishing practices. There are four sub-groups in the field of oceanography :

  1. Biological Oceanography
  2. Chemical oceanography
  3. Geological and Geophysical Oceanography
  4. Physical Oceanography

Depending on your field of interest, you can specialize in either of the career choices and work towards the threats in that particular domain.

3. Wine Tasters

If your taste buds are alive and kicking and you can handle various aromas, this job is just meant for you. Wine tasting isn’t just a job, it is an art.

Wine tasters help in differentiating various wines and give proficient advice on how the wine needs to ferment to give a surpassing taste and fragrance. They must demarcate the components in different wines. Particularly they must also guide to branding according to the quality. It is one of the interesting career choices that one chooses.

Then what is a wine connoisseur?
A wine connoisseur is an individual who has deep knowledge of the subject of wine. This knowledge goes beyond knowing how to taste wine or having a deep appreciation.

4. Food chemists 

Adulteration and food coloring can cause long term harm to our health. If you want to work towards developing more quality food with easier methods of preparation and storing, you can take to being a food chemist. It is a noble job as quality food advances well-being.

They study in detail and understand the chemical composition of the food. Through trial and testing, the chemists come up with new food sources. To emphasize, they also develop channels for the preservation of natural foods to keep them safe for consumption.

They apply chemistry to develop alternatives to cooking processes to enhance the taste. You would agree that it is one of the interesting career choices.

5. Museology (the science or practice of organizing, arranging, and managing museums

India is endowed with a rich history and culture. A museum reflects the diverse beauty of contrasting texts and artworks dated centuries ago to the modern era. There is a need for more people to work in this field to conserve our history and heritage.

You can eventually work as a curator in the museum, whose work is to organize the handiwork. Besides they are also supposed to classify and describe the objects in the museum. You can work with students to provide resource material for research and be involved in the processing of records. If you are passionate about history, this work is carved just for you.

So what do you think? Did you find these choices really interesting? Explore them more with the help of a professional career counselor. 

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