Online Education In Indian Education System


Education is, in large part, the foundation on which we build our culture. It is the breeding ground of brilliance, optimism and new thinking. Although there has been a shift in the teaching system over the past few years, and it is still happening due to innovations, people are becoming highly creative. This has lead to a rise in online education in India.

There’s one thing that online education, despite being so popular and highly in use, could not change and that is our education system.

Online education means studying the material available on the internet. It is a kind of distance learning, where anyone who has a computer and access to the internet can learn online.

Advantages Of Online Education

1. You can learn whatever you want

Everything is available online, you learn whatever you want, whenever you want.

2. Comfort

Online education provides comfort learning. You can comfortably sit at home and learn at your own time and space.

3. Saves time

Online education saves time. It saves centers time of traveling. You can easily access it over your phone.

4. Lower cost

Online education is cheaper than traditional learning. The cost of learning is comparatively low. It is a small investment. You buy a computer for online learning, like an investment which you use for a lifetime.

Why Online Education is Not Widely Accepted?

Despite having so many advantages and being so popular, especially in younger generations, online education in India is not preferred. It is easier to learn online. You have the freedom to choose what you want to study and how. But, it fails to carve a niche of itself.

Many people still not prefer it due to the traditional ways of teaching. By the traditional way of learning, I am referring to coaching centers. The trainer/teacher based learning has a huge demand. Coaching centers hold a place in a student’s life.

Every student has or is going to coaching centers for studying. And you all might have visited one or still going, or maybe looking for one to enroll yourself. You all would agree with me about the importance of coaching centers. One cannot do without it in their education or learning days. Millions of students visit coaching centers every day.

Why Traditional Teaching Methods Are Better Than Online Education?

1. Lack of Motivation

The fact that coaching centers are still popular than online education is the lack of motivation in online education. The motivation to study. The motivation, guidance that a teacher gives you at the coaching center to study is missing in online education.

You need the force to study online whereas in the coaching center you are bound to study. Since you have paid the fees and you know your obligation towards it.  So you willingly or not so willingly at times do visit coaching centers regularly.

2. Constant Supervision

In coaching centers, you are under constant supervision. You have a mentor you look up to, they act as a source of inspiration. This is what is lacking in online education. Online education may at times fail to provide you the material you are looking for and at times the material may not be relevant to your context.

3. Increased Competition

The importance of coaching centers has increased in recent times due to cut through the competition. Every parent wants their child to excel in every subject and aspect of academics. Coaching centers are like private institutes that run parallel to schools.

They are well versed with the school system, approaches the syllabus recommended. Since they have been in this line for years and now very well understand the psychology of a student. They know the ways to handle them. This is the reason parents trust coaching centers and want to send their child to one.

They teach students through certain procedures. For instance, regular lectures, conduct repetitive exams, provide extra study material for reference and practices. There are numerous coaching centers one can opt for.


These benefits are not offered to the student in online education. This is the major reason for the hesitant nature to use them. Personally, parents prefer coaching centers rather than online education. Online education is not a reliable source of information for them. To them, teachers are the best guides.

I hope this blog post proves to be a beneficial one for my readers and provide adequate information on online education in India. Also, read Impact Of COVID -19 Situation On Education

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