Pre-recorded vs Live: Choose Wisely

Try a Live training and you may prefer it over pre-recorded!

We all know what pre-recorded and live sessions mean in this digital world. Have you ever taken online live classes?

Did you see the difference?

I found the difference and that is what I am going to share.

Today, almost everyone in the world has an internet connection. Digitization has entered every sphere of our lives and learning is no exception. Many employees choose to work from home and in the recent development of a pandemic; every organization has to extend the opportunities of working from home.

Face-to-face interaction has become rare but that can be compensated by hosting live meetings. When it comes to learning a new skill, live training sessions are also available to many who choose to opt for it.

Along with the live sessions, there exists another alternative i.e. pre-recorded sessions.

Now, pre-recorded sessions have undeniably many benefits. From the learner’s perspective, pre-recorded sessions are easier to handle. You can view them at your leisure and not have to dedicated specific hours of your day. If the training session is long, you can view the whole session by diving it into small portions at your convenience.

In terms of cost, pre-recorded sessions are usually cheaper. When compared with live sessions, the cost is much lower and that is one of the most important reasons why learners may opt for pre-recorded sessions.

On top of all that, you can skip the commute and unforeseen emergencies cannot hinder your plans if you choose pre-recorded sessions.

But that’s not the whole picture.

Online live classes have a benefit that is not substitutable. The communication that is possible in live sessions is not available in the option of pre-recorded sessions.

Human interaction is important while learning, no matter what we are trying to learn. To be able to see your trainer and interact with him gives you a chance to evaluate his/her personality and training skills.

Being able to do this makes you more comfortable as a learner, as a relationship of trust has been established. This is an invaluable part of the learning process that is missing in pre-recorded sessions.

Pre-recorded Vs Live sessions

1. Pre-recorded

a) Cost

The pre-recorded sessions are almost always cheaper than live sessions. When managing within a budget, pre-recorded sessions are the obvious choice.

b) Availability

Pre-recorded sessions can be watched by anyone around the globe at any time. There are no considerations of slow internet or connection issues. You can blissfully dodge technical difficulties.

c) Accessible

Pre-recorded sessions are also accessible. You can slow it down, fast forward, watch and learn at your own pace.

2. Live sessions

a) Interaction

People who opt for live sessions will be able to communicate with the trainer better which will lead to better results.

b) Questions

When you have doubts, it is possible to get them cleared up in real-time. That is not a viable option in pre-recorded sessions.

c) Customized learning

Your instructor can make sure to explain things according to your needs. Everyone doesn’t understand a lesson in the same way. Trained experts can explain one thing in different ways to suit your learning styles.

Above are some points mentioning the advantages of both options. Ultimately, what you choose will depend on your personal preferences. Many learners lean towards the online live sessions because of the reasons mentioned before.

Now, we have a table to set things clearer form a learner’s perspective.

Pre-recorded sessions – Advantages

AdvantagesMy opinions as a learner
Cost is lowerBetter quality means higher costs. Best training should be pursued instead of saving a few bucks.
More convenientAlthough, making time for live sessions is difficult, but it is worth.
No technical difficultiesIf the session is recorded responsibly on a respected platform, these issues are reduced.

Live training sessions – Advantages

AdvantagesMy opinions as a learner
Better communicationCommunication is a must, especially when learning new skills.
Answering questionsThe most vital part of the training. My questions get answered in real-time and that sets me at ease.
Recent topics coveredIndustry training requires me to be knowledgeable about recent developments. Pre-recorded stuff doesn’t have the recent developments.


I am a student myself, and learning different skills is vital to my job opportunities. I must invest time in these training programs as they will give me an advantage over other candidates. In choosing which program to devote my efforts to, I will go for the  online live classes. Live classes make the topic more interesting and I can communicate well with my trainer.

Naturally, I have many questions related to my field, and having an expert answering them for me in real-time is a great experience. Pre-recorded sessions feel too impersonal to me. I feel like I’m listening to a speech and there is no scope of getting to know about the present conditions as the same old content is available since the same of it’s recording. As a learner, active interaction is crucial.

In making an efficient choice do not be persuaded by the money factor alone. Even though live sessions are more costly, they are better. And better training means higher chances of getting a good job. If you can bag a good job quicker, there will inevitably be financial improvements.

Instead, if you choose a pre-recorded class session, it may be cheaper than live online classes but it will take up your time. Learning late means delayed opportunities too. Investments have to be made for a better future so do not hesitate to go for the live training sessions. Let us know about which one you prefer: Online or Offline Courses?

The above contribution is made by Shreya Mitra.

She is a student of economics, currently pursuing her masters from Calcutta University. She loves to read and creates interesting content. As an aspiring content writer, she hopes to become a successful writer in the future.


  1. Yes there is a difference between Pre-recorded vs Live
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  2. this is a very important topic in the current scenario for being any type of student thank you for this blog this is very helpful to know the difference between recorded and live sessions.

  3. This is very analytical topic in this pandemic situation …..these days the live recorded classes and online lecture are more better than offline.


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