An Open Letter To Parents


Dear Mom and Dad,

I know you love me and always want to see me happy. I still remember the day when I took my first step, you were so happy. After all, parenthood is all about happiness only. Also, the day when I helped the blind man to cross the road, I remember dad, pride-filled your chest.

You have always been there for me whenever I needed your support. I remember every sacrifice you did for my education as part of your’ parenthood. The moments are in my mind when you didn’t buy your favorite shirt to buy my textbooks.

I know dad/mom you are my supreme well-wisher and no one else can replace your position in my life. I have got to say something to you but I couldn’t. Something is hurting me, something is making me feel frustrated, which I am trying to reveal through this letter.

1. The comparison is a thief of joy

“Wo Dekho Sharma Ji ka launda chand pe chala gaya aur tum dekho abhi bhi yahi k yahi ho”.

Dad/mom When you compared me with Sharma Ji’s topper son, it killed my joy and self-esteem. I wanted to tell you just look at Gupta Ji’s son who is in jail for a theft case. Every individual has his or her areas of interest.

This only leads to the fruitless rat race. When a guy interested in fine arts is forced to take up civil engineering, I am sure Bridges are bound to fall.

2. “I don’t want to become a doctor or an engineer, I wanted to become a wildlife photographer”

Please try to understand when I say that I don’t have an interest in a particular field. Everyone isn’t born with Einstien’s brain and Shakespeare’s soul. I always had an interest in the arts. Dancing made me feel alive. I wanted people to dance to my tune, I wanted to be a DJ( Disc jockey ). Painting amused me.

Poetry still holds a special place in my heart. I don’t understand physics and you expect me to become an engineer? I am weak at biology, still, you expect me to become a doctor?  These expectations might become a sword someday and kill your beloved son.

Have you ever read this mom/dad “Expectation is the root cause of suffering”? Here your expectations will make not only suffer me but the entire family and ultimately the entire society.

3. No tuitions

Tuitions in India have now become a tradition. Every parent wants the best for their child and sometimes it becomes a crazy competition for the parents to get their children the best tuitions.

As said by Aamir Khan in the movie, “Tare Zameen Par”- “Bahar ek beraham competitive duniya basi hai… aur is duniya mein sabhi ko apne apne gharon mein toppers aur rankers ugane hain”. Mom/dad, I used to be tired. I never wanted to go to those tuition classes which you sent me to. I wanted some time for myself to enhance myself.

Because I wanted some time to find me, the real me. I think I have lost the real me between the path of home and the tuition classes. Dad, you could appoint me an e-tutor so that I could learn at my ease without wasting much time.

4. Over-protectiveness is not letting me grow

You can’t constantly second guess me and try to protect me. It’s stifling. Dad, the day when I fought with Rohan for the first time, you came for my support to protect me. Thank you, dad. But when every time you came to my rescue, I think I did not get a chance to face the world, the cruel world, the merciless one. You taught me to ride bicycle dad.

You held the bicycle for some time and then released it when you thought I was ready to ride myself. Why don’t you do this in the real world? Please let me run, fall, get up and again run. Mom/Dad I love you, I respect every decision taken by you are for my well being but then how would I learn to make my own decisions. The responsibilities under Parenthood should not be mixed with emotions.

Thank you for being there for me whenever I needed.


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