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Whether it is a school or a job, lately everyone is realizing the importance of orientation training. There are, however, jobs where there is no orientation training given to the employees.

Companies give Employee Orientation to convey to the employees what it expects from them. It is generally delivered by the HR team of the company. This training takes place in a conference hall where the HR manager provides some general information to the new employees about the company like its rules & regulations, salary policies, leaves allowed, insurance, etc. The main objective is to make the employees familiar with the company.

Why is it important to give orientation training to the employees?

Apart from creating the first impression (which, as they say, is the last impression), orientation training has many benefits.

1. Accelerates learning

A company has to deliver a clear understanding of its rules and regulations to the employees. Employees feel a lot safer and deliver productive results. When the employee is not new to the information it gets easier to work as the anxiety levels come down and thus the performance increases.

2. Instills loyalty

Before any anticipation arises and leads to conflict, orientation training sets clear rules that all the employees must follow. There is a boost in employees’ confidence as there is no confusion. As a result, they tend to get comfortable faster and feel valued if there is orientation training. A new member feels that he or she has a supportive team. This creates uniformity and encourages all the employees to feel like a part of the team.

3. Effective communication

While training the employees, the one delivering it often pops out a question if someone has any kind of doubt which builds a rapport. The employee feels that he/she can communicate freely and openly with his/her seniors and juniors as well. Anonymous feedback is also a way to create a base for effective communication and as better the communication is, the company climbs the ladder of success faster. This also leads to customer satisfaction.

4. Reduces the turnover rate

If an employee feels lost and unconnected to the other employees or the company, the probability of him/her resigning is more. No company would want that because of the efforts it puts to pick him/her after long interviews.

A company must do its onboarding process properly. Although orientation training is concise, it has long-term effects. A good orientation program with an upbeat company’s culture of staying and growing can change the company’s success rate and thus the company grows.

It organizes and makes the employee ready to work. Relevant paperwork is done. All the responsibilities understood and a nurturing environment is build up!

Things to look for employee orientation

Employee orientation is the first impression you create in the mind of the recently hired employee. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that it is the best one and put more efforts in this direction.

What should you include in orientation training? 

  • A brief introduction of other employees, staff, and departments.
  • Company’s policies and procedures.
  • Employers expected duty.
  • Company’s core value.

The optimum time duration

It depends upon the size of your company. In short, if your company is big, the required time for the training will be more and vice-versa.

If possible, provide a hard copy of the orientation training so that the employees can refer and revise the rules whenever he or she wants to.

Few tips for good employee orientation training

  • Don’t keep them waiting. Be prepared before their arrival and make them feel comfortable.
  • Introduce them to the other employees and staff. This way they will feel that they are a part of the team.
  • Be ready with papers, systems, passwords, their I-cards, etc. Keep their working desks well-prepared and ready with these things. Don’t keep them waiting is the key.
  • Assign them with a mentor so that they can consult him/her freely when they have doubts. Make sure that the mentor is a sport.
  • Make orientation fun. Play some games and create a rapport. Being interesting and open would make the employee feel comfortable and easy to open up in return. Games make people learn as learning doesn’t get mundane.
  • Keep an eye and don’t stop monitoring them. Correct them when they are wrong and appreciate when they are fulfilling the duties assigned.

The magic trick of orientation training is that it should not be saturated with unnecessary or boring information and yet not miss out on the essential ones.

According to a study, 10% is a good figure to aim for as an average employee turnover rate – 90% is the average employee retention rate. Hence, firms can remove the 10% who are low performers and give space to the productive people who contribute to the company’s growth.

And to achieve this optimum rate, orientation training is one of the steps. So let’s keep working towards success!


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  4. it is very helpful for the fresher it make the employee familiar with the organization were he/she will work.
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  5. Orientation means providing new employees with basic information about the employer. Training programs are used to ensure that the new employee has the basic knowledge required to perform the job satisfactorily.
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