OS/ DBMS/ SQL/ Business Communication


Expertise: Computers/ IT and Communication English

Experience: 18+ Years 

With over 18years of professional experience, she is a vibrant and successful trainer. She has deep roots in knowledge training at various concepts like programming languages, Core of Operating Systems, Micro-Processor Architecture, DBMS, SQL and also in providing fundamental life approach as “Work & Learn” as this forms the foundation stone and lays a strong base for every individual to be a better learner.

All her training involves “Experiential Learning” methodology, where participants are involved in “Learning by doing” method. The training pedagogy will include Concept Explanation, Real time Scenarios, Presentations, Milestone projects and Pseudo Live Projects.

Recent Training Assignments

In her recent assignment, she conducted the “Data Base Management System (DBMS)” training for aspiring CAPGEMINI Induction Batch candidates. The course is mandatory for the Induction candidates before they are taken in as Employees and confirmed of their ROLE in the Organization.

The training duration varied among multiple batches. The goal is to impart Knowledge of the core concepts of DBMS along with Practical knowledge on how to perform multiple queries in different compatibility models with Oracle and SQL compliance.

The aim is at sharpening the candidate’s skills at error identification and enhance their scrutiny to detail which will promote their intellectual approach.