Parameter Other Online Course Providers Edu4Sure
Content Update Yes, but they charge EXTRA to access updated content Yes & Absolutely FREE
Instructors Learners are Unsure regarding instructors’ Experience, sometimes they have Less/ No Experience especially at Udemy Min. 10 Years Experience including Industry Experience and Certified
Certification Mostly Yes, but Not All Yes after an Assessment
One-to-one Session Usually Not Yes (You can opt for it)
Customized Practice Sheet No Yes
Videos Watch Unlimited times within the subscription period, Charge if you need more time Watch Unlimited times within the subscription period. Duration can be INCREASED at Zero Cost. Simply drop an e-Mail
Required Content Access Provides a single course consisting of everything and hence it is costly You can opt for Specific Content Access, Pay what you want to Learn
Capstone Project/ Quiz/ Assignment & Evaluation One or two of them but not all. Usually NO evaluation for your Capstone Project All required things are done – Quiz/Assignment/ Capstone & Evaluation
Accent The accent is not easily understandable by everyone Natural Accent (Indian) is used, Simple English Language, No Jargons. Specific language like Hindi can be used for 1 to 1 Session as per need of the learner
Application Application of concepts lacks in Indian context Very much applicable in Indian context, Real live case studies & Most used practice sheets of Corporate are used.
Course Structure Not very clear, sometimes only the number of modules and videos are given Very clear, makes it easier to understand what you are paying for
Duration Unnecessary content & Discussions are made to increase the Duration which makes e-Learning dull and boring To-the-point discussions with the comprehensive knowledge of Concepts. No Extra time taken to show the duration
Consultation before payment Not Available Talk to the instructors before paying. We want our learners be informed. We value their time & money