13 Good Parenting Tips To Help Child Blossom


Parenting in simple terms means raising a child and fulfilling his or her needs. Supporting a child physically, emotionally, socially and financially are all aspects involved in the process of parenting until the child blossom like a flower from a bud.

So what does one mean by good parenting? I am sure that all the parents’ wish what is best for their children to blossom and have success.

But sometimes even parents need guidance. They become parents only when they have a child. They experience a drastic change in their lifestyle. Now they have a new member to look after and to provide for.

Different people have different backgrounds. It is not important that because one person can afford an air conditioner for his kid that another person is liable to do the same for his kid. These differences in status are present but that does not make the latter a bad parent. It only means that his capacity is less than the former parent.

However, parenting is not only related to fulfilling the child’s needs and demands. It is also about providing values so that the child can blossom! And here it does not matter where you are from or what background you belong to.

It is every parent’s duty and wishes to impart the best values to his or her child. A parent’s relationship with his child affects all the other relationships that the child will ever be in. And rightly so, as the child learns from his parents. 

Parenting is not an easy job! But one of the most highly paid jobs as what you get in return is pure love and affection from the child.

List of guidelines to help you navigate through this journey of parenting and being successful in making your child blossom

1. Acceptance

You need to accept the fact that you have been blessed with a child and with all the joy comes the responsibility of raising another human being. This is an important fact that needs to sink in deep within you. A child can be shaped in any form as you want to. And as a parent, it is solely your responsibility to put in all your effort and time for your child’s better future.

2. Teamwork (Extremely important if you want to see your child blossom)

Your child needs to see you and your spouse as a team. Even when you both hold different opinions about a subject, like whether going to a party or a mall alone, you must discuss and then decide together.

Do not fight in front of the child. When making a decision try to come to a single viewpoint. A child will then not choose sides among the parents as he will get the same instructions from both of them.

3. Involvement

When a child is small, naturally, the parents are involved in every aspect of his life. But once they start growing up and discover the world it becomes difficult to stay in touch with their child.

They make new friends and become more social and as a result, may even start having their secrets. Parents should know that no matter how much their child grows up they will be an important part of his life. Parents should try to be interactive and become aware of their child’s life. If you want to see your child blossom, do not let it go completely.

4. Independence

There is a very thin line between being independent and being a spoilt brat. A child should become independent and know how to make decisions. It is the parent’s job to ensure that their child is independent enough to make his decisions and face the consequences. These values need to be inculcated by the parents in the former years of the child’s life.

5. Parent’s behavior helps the child blossom

There is no doubt that the parent’s behavior matters a lot. A child is in the company of his parents during his former years and this is when they start to pick up their behavioral traits and form thoughts. It is, therefore, very important to conduct appropriately in front of your child from the very start. Do not think that they are just kids what will they understand!

6. Consistency

A child needs to have consistency in his life when growing up. Parents should themselves have routine life and also form a routine for their child. This way he will be able to appreciate and recognize the changes over the years and will also have a better behavioral pattern.

7. Communication

Communication is the key to success in any relationship. Be truthful to your child and instill the same values in him. Teach him the necessity to be truthful in his life. And more importantly, have regular talks and learn about your child’s interests and passions. Be interested in his life and not an onlooker. This way he will be able to appreciate you more and will feel free to communicate with you.

8. Praise them if you want to see your child blossom

It is important to praise your child for his achievements. No matter how small they may seem to you, for a child even being able to ride his bike without falling is a huge achievement.

Do not let your child feel neglected and please do not make comparisons. Nothing is more disheartening for a child to see his parents compare him with somebody else’s kid. Yes, you want your child to improve but do not crush his confidence.

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9. Managing misbehavior

A child may seem like a bundle of joy and of course, he or she is! But it may not always be the case. Misbehaviour is an aspect of growing up that needs to be dealt with care.

Too much showering of love can also turn out to be harmful to the child. Do not accept all the unreasonable demands that your kid puts forward. Try and maintain a balance and try to teach your child as well as between being reasonable and being unreasonable from an early stage.

10. Lifestyle

A parent’s lifestyle affects the child the most. Do not indulge in an improper lifestyle. It may seem not very essential but the lifestyle plays an important role in molding the child. Live a lifestyle that you can be proud of and teach your child to follow the same lifestyle.

11. Health 

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. We all know this saying but how many of us follow it? Obesity is increasing among children due to a lack of exercise and the intake of healthy food. Junk food is very easily available and an easy way out of cooking. Most parents are working these days and the child is left in the hands of the caretaker or a servant to look after.

As a result, most parents are unaware of what their child is being fed or how much playtime does their child gets. This is unacceptable as this shows negligence. Parents should make sure their child gets good quality food and the required nutrients according to their age. Also, exercise is very important for children to stay fit.

12. Discipline is the key to see your child blossom

Help your child blossom by setting rules and regulations. You just cannot have him do whatever he wants. Some control is important. But as the years pass by, the child should be able to know self-control and differentiate between what’s right and wrong for him.

Discipline will help your child understand the physicality of the way things are supposed to work. Do not be too harsh, that way you will only raise a rebel. But be assertive and explain your point tactfully.

13. Respect

As it is important to respect the parents, similarly it is important to respect your child as well. Respect is a two-way road. You cannot demand somebody else’s respect. It is a similar case with your child. When you give your child respect and teach him how to respect others as well, he will surely reciprocate the feeling.

A relationship between a child and its parents is very sacred. To maintain any relationship one needs to constantly work for it. The same mantra applies to parenthood as well. Parents must be willing to welcome a child in their family and to raise him. If you have a good relationship with your child it can be the most beautiful bond of your life.

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