Patience & Persistence Helps In Entrepreneurship. How?


The fruits of patience and persistence are always sweet. This is something we are told time and again. Yet these are the two traits, most people do not carry within their souls.

Have you ever thought of an entrepreneur? Nobody can become an entrepreneur unless he is both patient and persistent. Sounds interesting? What Is Entrepreneurship & How To Be An Entrepreneur?

Two pillars of Entrepreneurship

  1. Persistence
  2. Patience

A person who starts a business should be aware of the fact that starting up a business, setting it on its foot, and seeing it flourish request a great deal of hard work, Patience, and persistence

Most people do not fear hard work, what they fear is waiting for the results after all the hard work that they have put in. Right?

Fear of failure is the greatest sin. No person who fears trying out new things would ever achieve something different.

Every great entrepreneur today has overcome the shackles of fear and underconfidence before they climbed the ladder of success.

Examples of true Entrepreneurs

Narayana Murthy, the person who is said to be the father of Indian information and technology worked as a small worker in a small company. He realized that life is beyond that, and so he achieved it.

Jack Ma is a common name now, but before bringing Ali Baba group to taste success, this man was rejected numerous times by employers. If these people stopped there and continued to live a life that fate offered them, they might NOT become the famous persons that they are today. Isn’t it?

This is the prime quality of a true entrepreneur. He does not let failure put a psychological slab on his mind.

Failure is not, and should not be a full stop. Explore new avenues where your propensity to succeed is higher.

To unlock success, you must be willing to keep your spirits and patience level high. You cannot expect a tree to bear fruits overnight, can you? Not because the tree is incapable or lacks the potential but because the universe plans things differently for each one of us!

Fear will paralyze even the bravest of all hearts, but the ones who can un grapple themselves are the ones who will eventually succeed.

Persistence and patience together make up the right combination of skill set which is the prerequisite of success! It allows a person to look beyond the visible situations. It is patience in the hard times that makes a person stronger than ever.

This theory applies in life, right? Why not in business then?

Being a persistent person is a constant reminder of your fighting spirit. It helps you to prevents the dampening of self-belief. Much of the success, of small businesses, is based on the number of patients that they display in testing situations.

From automobiles to household appliances to real estate, entrepreneurs selling a good or service must be able to face the inevitable rejections they will endure. Rejection and failure both are a part of the overall success formula.

Start with a fresh mind and work assiduously towards your goals.

Keep working with due diligence and eventually, you’ll arrive at fruitful results.

Just remember that It is the most persistent among us, who will always thrive. Also, when you think of giving up, think of the reason why you started. After coming this far, going back is not sanity. Pushing yourself harder till you get the much-deserved success is the only key to your dreams.

As we all know Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted people, rather only the persons who are fully devoted and committed towards their dreams will get to taste success.

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