Why Coaching Fee IF Already Paying High School Fee?


Every student ponders over the question of whether he should take up coaching institutes as a means to climb the ladder of academic success, or should he rely more on the things taught in the school. Parents and students are always in a dilemma whether they should pay a coaching fee along with school fees. Even if they should, then why? What does coaching provide that schools don’t?

To understand this, let’s get deeper into the cobweb of coaching or no coaching.

What do you think about Coaching Class – Trend Or Necessity?

Need for Coaching

Parents might feel at times, what is the point of expensive coaching’s when they are already paying exorbitantly high fees of the schools. No parent would put his child into an average school. Every parent builds a very effective environment for his child’s career growth. At least more than what they can afford.

They never hesitate to spend an extra penny, when the question is of their children’s future. Isn’t it?

If you’re a parent, you might relate. And if you are a child, you will agree.

These days, on every nook and corner we can find big boards or hoardings, bloating about the high success rate. This has further aggravated the issue.

Earlier coaching and tuitions used to be, for the ones who were not capable enough to learn a thing at once. But these days, the percentages and ratios reveal a completely different scenario. The brightest of minds are more inclined towards coaching despite the high fees paid to the schools.

Why To Pay Coaching Fee?

1. Burden 

The schools, no matter how popular it might be, usually have a poor teacher-pupil ratio. For 40-50 students there is just one teacher. This puts the burden on the teacher as well as the students.

2. Lack of Interest

The teacher usually adopts a general pace so that even the slow learner can cope up with it. That is quite rational. But what about the ones who have understood the topic in one instance? This gives him a sense of lack of interest.

3. Inadequate Teaching

Though it is incorrect to look at everyone with the same vision, yet there are a few teachers who work on the fulfillment of their vested interests. They do not teach well in class, rather they invite the students to attend their coaching if they wish to score good marks.

What Coaching Fee Provides To The Students?

Parents opt for coaching because school education is not enough. Let us discuss what coaching provides that schools are not able to.

1. Attention to Students 

Coaching institutes have limited seats. (At least the claim so) This means more specific attention would be given to the children. This would facilitate the learning process.

2. Planned Timetables

Another point is that coaching institutes plan their timetables well in advance. They usually cover the entire syllabus in a lesser duration. Thus, their Students get an edge over the other ones. This helps the students to grasp things faster when they learn the same thing twice- Once in the coaching institute and second in the school.

Now, this also sends a wave of inferiority complex in the minds of those students who do not go to coachings.

The child has the same mental capabilities, but somehow they start to feel demotivated. It is now, that self- doubt sneaks in. It crashes upon the child’s ability to think and thus the parents are left with a single alternative, which is, to send him to coaching institutes.

They are not wrong too!


Such instances clearly state that neither the coaching’s nor the schools are foolproof. There are flaws in both systems. So the choice remains with the parents as well as the students. They need to decide whether they need coaching or not.

Ultimately, the decision rests with the students themselves. It is their effort that makes or breaks the career they aspire for. No amount of external motivation can push you towards the goal. They can guide you or advise you but the ultimate player is you and only you.


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