Want To Do A Course On Personal Branding?


Are you looking for a personal branding course? Raj & Rohit are discussing the same thing. Who are they? Let’s read a conversation of them.

Raj and Rohit are friends. Raj was looking worried as he was walking.

Rohit: What happened bro, why the long face?

Raj: Nothing! I’m just thinking about the remarks from those people from today.

Rohit: Chill dude, so what if you’re not so outspoken. You can always learn these things.

Raj: It’s not that easy, Ok!

Rohit: I’ll let you in on a secret today. Have you taken any personal branding course?

Raj: No! Do they even teach you how to create your brand these days?

Rohit: Of course, they do and it’s really good. I recommend you take one too.

Raj: Oh! Can you tell me what do they teach in the course?

Rohit: Of course, and while we’re at it, we should tell our readers too. So, listen carefully, I’m going to tell you about how a personal branding course is like.

Course Outline


A personal branding course starts with a brief overview of what is personal branding? Here, they tell you about the importance of personal branding. The purpose is to inform you of the benefits, and effectiveness of personal branding, and to make you start the process of defining your values, skills, and goals.

You will be given some exercises to help you understand the importance of personal branding. They will also give you some personal branding examples to tell you the significance of personal branding for and individual.

Defining Yourself (Your Brand)

This personal branding course can’t proceed without this part. It is most important for you to define yourself. Because if you don’t, others will. Here they will help you understand yourself better with the help of some fun activities. They will also talk about the importance of passion in life.

Building Your Brand’s Infrastructure

You can’t build a brand overnight. It needs infrastructure, just like constructing a house. Here, they will discuss elements like your mission statement, authenticity, and image building. They also discuss the various tips for personal branding during these sessions. To give you a direction for creating your brand.

Raj: Hey, that’s quite good.

Rohit: Impressed already! There’s more.

Sharpening Your Brand

Now that you are aware of yourself, it’s time to mold your brand. Here you are given an introduction about Rapport Building. They also tell you how a personal branding blog can help you in creating your brand. Although, that is a different course in itself.

Did you know that blogging is such an efficient way of personal branding? To get more insight into it, you should take a look at- How My Blog Helped Me In Personal Branding?

So, you will learn about networking, some tips about how to improve your brand through social media. It’s a combination of some real-life examples and activities to help you understand better. 

Appearance Matter in a Brand

Who doesn’t want to give a good first impression? Like there is even a need to ask that. They give tips that help give that good first impression. They will give you real-life situations and how should you react in such situations. You get to learn a lot from these discussions.

You get a different perspective too from these discussions. They will help you broaden your horizons.

Creating a Maintenance Plan for Your Brand

Now that your brand building is done. You also need to know how to maintain this brand. As you know, consistency is the key. You need to show consistency in both your visibility and your personality. They will tell you how to do that. Small things like updating your social media from time to time. Keeping in touch with your contacts. These are just some things to name a few.

Rohit: So, what do you say Raj? Want to take a personal branding course?

Raj: Oh! yes.

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