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Personal Branding is a new trend in town. Gone are the days where only companies needed to have a good brand. It is the age of Individual today. You have to create your own brand. You have to be the CEO of the ‘Brand You’. Today we will discuss personal branding examples that will help you know the power of creating a strong personal brand.

But first, do you know Why Personal Branding Is Important?

You will gain innumerable benefits from creating a good personal brand. Confidence building, gaining trust, credibility and authenticity are just some of those benefits.

Don’t believe me? 

Check some personal branding examples and decide yourself!

Elon Musk

Who doesn’t know Elon Musk? Even if you are not a technology geek, it’s hard to not notice the brand that is Mr. Musk. I mean, not everyone donates $1 million to plant trees for the climate change drive, Right?

But his money is not the thing that makes him a successful brand. Instead, it is his drive to continuously search for new technologies and to continue to move forward. Some people even criticize him for spending lots of money on publicity stunts and near to no return. Like, his statement of shooting a Tesla into space. Some people love him, some hate him, but it is an undeniable fact that Elon Musk has worked hard on creating his personal brand.

Sachin Tendulkar

The fact that he is called the God of Cricket speaks volumes of Sachin’s strong personal brand. He is not only respected for his talent in cricket but also his optimistic personality. He is also a very resilient guy who has overcome many adversities.

Sachin is a man of focus. He utilizes his practical skills, strength, strong reflexes and good health to work either practically or artistically. He gets along with people well. And he has this natural talent to pool up economic resources. He has other talents than just being a batsman. Most importantly, he doesn’t shy away from showcasing those talents. All in all, he is a great personal branding example.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a very interesting personal branding example. The way he became the president of America is something people still talk, to this day. He made a simple statement ‘Make America Great Again’. He said nothing about when or how. People were shocked by how simple that statement was. But there is a saying ‘Simplicity is Velocity’.

Also, many people shared his campaign, thinking it was insane. Simply, to make fun of him. But they unknowingly gave him an organic reach. A reach so high, that others were left behind in the dust by Trump. He may not be an ideal President, but he sure knows how to create a strong personal brand.

Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata is one of the most successful businessmen in India. But, if you pay close attention, he also has a very strong personal brand. He is a man of conviction, hard work and is also a visionary. His dream of every Indian family owning a car won countless hearts.

Imagine being so successful yet so humble. Mr. Tata is known for his humility. His action of donating Rs. 500 Cr. to support the nation against the recent crisis is truly commendable. He is even called as the real ‘Kohinoor of India’ on social media recently. I can’t help but give his example for strong personal branding.

Neil Patel

Many people may not know of him, but Neil Patel is a marketing genius. He is no less than a celebrity for people working in the marketing domain. Since he teaches people to increase their reach on the internet. He himself has quite a strong personal brand.

Neil Patel is known as the king of blogging about online marketing. His posts are thorough and very well-researched. He maintains a strong social media presence. All in all, he is an example to follow as a good reference for personal branding.

More Examples of Personal Branding

The personal branding examples I have taken are not even the tip of the iceberg. That said, if you look around you will find lots of such examples in your surroundings. They don’t have to be a celebrity. Remember, celebrities don’t have a strong personal brand because they are celebs. They are celebs because they have a strong personal brand.

So, look around, focus and observe. You may find many people with strong personal brands. It can be your confident friend who always has some great stories to tell. Or, it could be your strict manager who is punctual to the point of fault. Or, it could be your class representative who solves all your queries no matter how frustrating it might be.

If you look closely, you might even find that you yourself are a good personal branding example. Even if you are not now, who knows what the future awaits. To make it a little easier, here are some tips for personal branding. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start working on creating your personal brand.

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