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It’s not easy to create a personal brand. Creating a personal brand is a tedious and time-consuming task. There are so many tips for personal branding available but the most important part is to understand what is personal branding and why is it essential? You can check some examples of personal branding and know where to start. 

In the current scenario of an evolving job market, it is a necessity to stand out when applying for a job or working on your startup. It’s not just for companies, a personal brand is for practically everyone. We don’t want to lag, do we?

So, here are some tips for personal branding. We hope you will find them useful and start building on your brand!

1. Know Your Abilities

You have heard the phrase ‘Know Thyself’. It’s exactly what you need to do to create your personal brand. Personal Branding is about presenting yourself. So, find which qualities, when you present to the world, will help you. This seemingly simple suggestion can be the best tip for personal branding.

Only when you know your capability and limits, you will be able to showcase your abilities. Find what you are good at, what is that inner ability that makes you unique. This is one of the amazing tips for personal branding. So, do you know yourself to the fullest?

2. Be Specific in Your Personal Brand

Don’t lose focus and try to achieve everything at once. Decide your key values and stick to them. Keeping your brand focused on a set audience will make it that much easier to both create content around your brand and have an impact on your audience.

Carve a niche, and then carve a niche within your niche. A good personal brand is very specific. The more focused your brand is, the easier it is for people to remember you. So, it’s very important to know who the target audience for your brand is.

3. Be Genuine (Most important tip for personal branding)

You are aware of your abilities. If you try to portray something that you are not, it gets noticed. A good characteristic of a personal brand is to be genuine and authentic. You are most confident in your most natural state. Then, why try to reduce that confidence.

People can see right through your lies, it’s even more so for recruiters. The more you try to be a copycat, the easier it gets to call you out for it. But, if you show your true skills, you will be respected for it. Not only that but also, your reputation will soar. Eventually, helping you in building the brand you want.

4. Tell a Story of Your Personal Brand

The most effective tip for personal branding these days is to create a story. A true narrative and not long boring monologues. Monologues are not only boring but also damaging to your personal brand. Don’t tell people what you have studied and where were you born. Tell them what you have learned, how do you use these learnings in your life.

One of the best ways to tell your story is through written and visual media. Make use of your smartphone to make personal connections with prospective clients. Connect with co-workers. Write blogs and make creative videos. After all, you are always taped to your smartphone!

You can read more about blogging for personal branding on our blog- Want To Build A Personal Brand? Have A Blog! and gain some inspiration.

5. Be Consistent with Your Personal Brand

Consistency can have two meanings here. First, in terms of your personality. It means you do not be a one-time wonder. It should not be that to learn many new things, you ignore the things you were good at. Second, it can be in terms of your visibility. The connections you make will not remember you forever. You have to make constant efforts to keep in touch with them.

Post blogs, message your connections, try to meet them personally. Keep them updated. These things will keep your brand floated. You should be consistent with your communication, gravitas, and appearance. Don’t underestimate how little inconsistencies can damage a personal brand.

6. Embrace Your Failures (It can make you anxious but amazing personal branding tip)

Who likes failures? But as a matter of fact, you should. Our society has molded our nature to avoid failures. However, success is achieved only by walking on a path of failure. If you need to have a strong personal brand. A brand that rises above the rest, you need to experience some failures too.

Thomas Edison failed a thousand times before successfully creating a bulb. Failure gives you a perspective. You can’t improve without failures. Is it easy? No! You would be tempted to take an easier path, but that path won’t grant you growth.

Take any influencer that you admire. Which one of them had not faced failures in life? Failures are what helped them shape their personal brand. So, embrace your failures and learn from them. This is an important tip for personal branding.

7. Live Your Brand

Don’t pretend. As mentioned before, be genuine. Don’t try to create a personal brand different from your personal life. It’s easier when creating a personal brand to have your actual lifestyle and brand be one and the same.

Don’t separate your personal beliefs and professional skills. Your personal brand should be a manifestation of both. It is your personal brand and you should carry it with you. Your brand is not only a reflection of your job profiles like HR, finance, marketing or sales but also your ideals like honesty, giving back and mentorship.

It’s your brand, be proud to carry it. It is one of the most important tips for personal branding. You can take any personal branding example, all of them carry their brand with pride.

8. Let Other People Tell Your Story

Word of mouth is still a powerful tool for publicity. Make your brand in such a way that people tell others about you. Be professional, but it’s good to joke around sometimes. It might sound absurd but tell people some funny stories about you. Make an impact in your conversations. In this age of digital media, try to establish personal connections.

People can recall the interesting, funny or even insane things about you. Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was shared by many people. For a single reason, they found it amusing. Whatever may be the reason, it helped him gain the popularity he desired.

In conclusion, there is no set rule on how to create your personal brand. These tips for personal branding are here to guide you. So, you get a general direction. Just be genuine and true to your personality.

Also, remember that a strong personal brand is not created in a day or two.

You will have to slowly cultivate your brand to perfection. The path will be filled with difficulties and hardships. If you can persevere, you can have a great personal brand.

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