Personal Goal Setting To Study Abroad


The idea to study abroad is itself so tempting the reality would be enticing and attractive. Students fantasize about studying abroad. But what is so special about it? Well, abroad is special for all the Indian students. Isn’t it? Foreign countries hold a special place in our hearts. So what are the personal goals for study abroad?

Studying abroad is a dream of millions. The reasons are strong enough. Better education, better experience. You return more cultured, wise, worldly, independent. You become more open-minded.

The mention of international education on resume impresses the employer. As a result, you automatically become worthy of many stuff.  International education brings in surprises for you in a good way. Its good to have some personal goals if you wish to go abroad for studies.

Students raise their bar. They get involved with groups, go out as an individual, do things on their own.

Higher education at foreign institutes allows you to set more realistic goals and objectives and make you responsible for your progress and success. Making you responsible for your actions. They treat you as adults and no longer kids that can and should shoulder duties and complete their tasks.

So you have decided that you want to study abroad after 12th or may be you want to go for some graduate/post graduate course. Have you decided on the goals and stuff you are going to do once you reach your destination? I am sure, you must have a list of To Do Things. Everyone has different personal goals for studying abroad. As we all get excited and want to achieve every bit of it we have been thinking since we were young. Now is the time to make everything happen.

Set personal goals this time and not professional goals. Thus, this will take you deeper and will help you to gel with people around.

List of some goals in your mind

1. Learn a new language

Learning a new language is a good idea. It always works for you. You know Hindi and English. But you know you may need to learn French if you are traveling to France. So learn before you leave.  Learn some basics. Practice in your free time. Use a pocket dictionary to guide you.

Learn through online audios. Once you reach the country, make friends with the locals and try to learn from them. As learning never goes waste. It will help you as you will not find it difficult to communicate with people around you.  Absorb as much as you can without a class. You will learn more than the class can teach and it will cost you more.

2. Family Heritage

The family usually gets ready to send you abroad for higher studies as they have a family member, acquaintance there. Your family might be having a heritage. So it arouses curiosity in you.  Also, you may wish to know about the impending heritage or lineage.

If your family member has ever visited that place and you are going back to the same place, the idea excites you.  Find about the places they lived in. Discover information, visit neighbors, shops, etc.

3. Engage with Locals

If you want to feel like home in an unknown place engage with locals. Yes. Locals make you feel comfortable and more familiar with the place. They give you a deeper understanding. Additionally, make friends, hang out with them so that you don’t feel homesick.

Learn from them and make them learn something about yourself, your culture. It’s like a cultural exchange program – a must have on your list of personal goals for study abroad! For instance, invite them to visit your country and place and serve them as they did to you in their country.

4. Work Environment

Do you also want to work abroad and not just study? In this case, if you want to have a career in your host country understand the work environment. It will be different from our country.

Enter into internship programs to get practical knowledge and understanding of the job culture there. This will give you added advantage to socialize with people and learn new things. This way you work on your future career and have more options of landing into a great job.

5. Become open-minded

The culture abroad is different, more westernized, and people there are more open-minded and chilled. So you will be exposed to new cultures, ways. Don’t have an adverse attitude towards it.

Accept with open arms and try to mold yourself accordingly. This way you become more broad-minded, less conservative and stereotypical. Welcome the change. In my opinion, this should definitely be at the top your list of personal goals for study abroad!

6. Appreciate Diversity

India is a land of diversity. We stand united in diversity. Thousands of languages, religions, food, customs. The same is with foreign countries. Therefore you will meet diverse people with diverse needs.

Different religions working together. You will hear bells of temples and hymns from the church at the same time. I appreciate the diversity and try to live with it.

Moreover, personal goals are to be personal and may vary according to the person. Lastly, make a list of personal goals that you want to carry out once you step abroad. The above pointers can get space on your list with the rest. Last but not the least, also have comprehensive information about studying abroad before you start applying to various colleges!

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