How To Plan A College Picnic?


A college picnic is a wonderful way to break the ice and maintain good and healthy relations. A well-organized picnic with all the activities properly planned can help in achieving the goal. The entire college or specific departments can plan it.

Reasons to have a college picnic: A college picnic can be planned to appreciate the students for a good performance in exams or a project. It can also be planned at the beginning of a new session to break the ice between juniors and seniors and the teachers.

How do you go about planning that perfect college picnic?

Keep detailed loose-leaf notebooks containing all contacts, divided into sections for invites, budget, location, raffle items, bingo prizes, food and beverages, menus, invitation, activities, and entertainment ideas and any other significant decisions and resources.

For even the smallest picnic you’ll have to answer questions in each of these areas and the notebook helps you keep everything you need in one place. Hence, this will give you an overview of planning and it will provide an immense aid to the person who does this job next time.

1. Decide whom to invite

Many of your other decisions will be based on this step. If this picnic is to appreciate a group of people then the invite should go to that group of students only. And if it is being planned for the whole college then invites should go to everyone. After sending the invites, ensure the participation by getting an online registration form filled by the interested students.

2. Select the date

This might be the hardest part of planning a college picnic because it is difficult to coordinate everything that needs to happen. Firstly, many experts advise you to plan the company picnic for a weekday so that you do not compromise weekends for tired students. Secondly, you shouldn’t plan it during a holiday vacation because many students will be out of town.

The fall and the spring are often the best times to hold college picnics because the weather is more favorable, but again you will have to work within many different schedules, so it pays to be as flexible as possible. If you choose a Saturday, do it early to have time to secure a location and entertainment. Since these get booked up well in advance.

3. Budget

Decide what your budget for college picnic is going to be in the beginning. This will give you an idea of where to start. But, do not despair if your budget is low. Talk to your vendors. Many vendors will be more than happy to sponsor part of your event in cash or kind. And then the picnic tent can have a poster saying sponsored by “Sponsor’s name”.

4. Assigning job

Form different groups to handle different jobs like site selection food and entertainment. Send mail to all the students to invite volunteers for the duty and divide groups based on tasks such as food, decoration, parking, and entertainment. This will bring about the active involvement of the students and help you to focus on the supervision of the picnic rather than focusing on the little details that can lead to chaos.

5. Location

Research locations taking into consideration the travel time from the college to the site. The location of the college picnic should have enough green space and some interesting places nearby which can be visited.

6. Invitation

Create and distribute catchy invitations. A well-planned picnic deserves a college-wide e-mail message. Have the invitation blown up to poster size and displayed prominently around the college.

7. Menu

Plan the menu with the venue and attendees in mind. Food can be as simple as hot-dogs and hamburgers grilled by the management staff to a fully catered event. If you choose to cater the event yourself, make sure that you have plenty of help so that everyone still gets a chance to enjoy the party. Make sure the menu offers vegetarian options as well as non-vegetarian. One can also take along some packaged food for the journey.

8. Website

You can update the information on your college website as well to keep all the students updated. Also, do some promotions by posting the pictures of the picnic.

9. Entertainment and activities

Decide on your entertainment and events. Making sure you have activities that appeal to all the students. Keep some games where students and teachers team up together to win, this will help to create a good bond. Keep your choices fresh, try to include a few new activities. Also, choose a few tall activities and visually stand out to make your college picnic awesome. 

10. Electrical

Keep in mind as you are planning an entertainment that many things require a power source so you want to plan your event with power requirements in mind.

11. Gifts

Keep the gifts ready for the winners and free college T-shirts for everyone. Allot proper budget to these too.

12. Feedback

After coming back circulate a feedback form and record the responses of the students and note all the needed improvements.
Communicate that student satisfaction and happiness are very important to you.

13. Regular trips

Keep organizing such picnics regularly and keep making them better and better.

So what are you waiting for? Plan a picnic for you and enjoy your college life.


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