Friday, September 18, 2020

Expertise: PoSH/ Self-Defense
Experience: 8 Years

He is an entrepreneur in multiple verticals, With over 16 Years of total work experience in the field of Corporate operations management, Immigration and 8 years in Training on POSH/ Self-Defense.

He is a Certified Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a Muay Thai Practitioner and has been helping Schools, Institutions, and Industry corporate Bodies in various verticals of training.

He is also independently running a project against Sexual harassment and empowering people especially women.

Following are the training workshops being conducted for clients:

  • Leadership training– For corporate management – This training is designed to excel as a leader in an organization and helps in conflict resolutions by applying the principles of Martial Arts in corporate organizations workforce and project management.

  • PoSH Training– For employees of corporate organizations.

Kids – Parents (Bonding) Workshop – This training is the most exciting as this workshop is conducted between parents and their kids. In this fast-paced life often kids are left ignored and unattended by parents due to their hectic office schedule. This workshop gave an opportunity to the parents to seal a bond with their children. There are several games such as Crazy horse, Cat on a tree over-Under bridge etc. which creates an environment full of fun and excitement. 

  • Self Defense– Workshop for schools, Institutions, NGO and corporate organizations.

Over the past few years, He has conducted training at various schools, Housing societies, and corporate organizations, below is the list. We recommend him for at least 1 workshop to empower your women. Looking forward!