Why Power BI As A Training Need?


With some new coding language coming with different sets of updates so fast to new tools coming in the corporate market to improve your work. Deciding what to train in is tough, right? There are certain must-take training programs by corporate employees. Power BI training is one of the lot. Do you wish to know about essential training programs for corporate employees?

What is Power BI Training

Power BI is a business analytics tool that allows users to visualize their data and share their analysis across the organization. For employees who work with data and its analysis, Power BI training can be a major add-on to their performance.

Why Power BI Training for employees

1. Time-Saving and Ease of Use

Imagine you get an excel sheet with thousands of entries. Then you are asked to make charts and graphs for some specific attributes. All this can be a cumbersome task. Power BI does all of this in a few clicks.

While organizing data and visualizing it in Excel was the go-to method. But it was time-consuming. It was also prone to errors. The errors were mainly because the data had to be manually extracted/pulled from multiple applications and databases.

Power BI automatically pulls data from all these multiple sources and gives the user a unified viewing pane. From here the user can quickly organize it and develop graphs and charts out of it to analyze the data. 

2. Algorithm-based Analysis

Power BI cloud service provides handy tools. For instance, when you upload a data set on the Power BI cloud, you get the opportunity to run algorithms on it. The benefit of these algorithm is that they enable you to analyze the data set like never before.

Power BI’s catchy visual graphics can demonstrate cause, effect and relationships between different data groups for improved understanding. The visuals are easily pin-able to the dashboard.

3. Customizable Dashboards

Dashboard making is simple and doesn’t take a lot of time. It takes just 15 minutes to design the first dashboard and it is easily customizable later on.

The feedback from the socialization can easily and quickly be incorporated into the dashboard. The proof of concepts can be developed quicker and then the IT team can help to bring the dashboard to life.

Power BI offers high-level customization by changing reporting tools, visualizations, and appearances according to the user’s wish.

4. NLP powered Queries

Power BI cloud services provide the feature of Natural Language Query. In this, one can type a question in plain English. Yes, instead of SQL or other data analysis languages and Power BI will provide insights based on your query.

Power Query is a self-learning tool available in Power BI. It makes loading, extracting and transforming data easy. Grouping data, pivoting and unpivoting data, adding data quality checks and rules are various options it provides.

5. Import R Visuals

R programming is a programming language with a sizeable visual library. It, however, has a steep learning curve. Power BI provides one the option of importing R visuals by writing codes in R language.  A combination of this makes using the Power BI very effective and powerful.

6. Connect to multiple Data Sets

Power BI enables users to connect to multiple data sets. The graphs and charts generated by Power BI can be shared with other Power BI users in the company. Read about The Advantages of Learning Hadoop.

7. Cortana Interaction

Users also get the option of verbally interacting with Cortana and it helps to solve their queries. Power BI also inculcates Natural Language Processing.

8. Data Sub-sets

Power BI’s Fast Insight feature allows users to design subsets of data that can be further analyzed.

The Hybrid Deployment Support allows users to connect with many data sources such as Microsoft and other vendors.

Tableau is another analytics tool to learn but Power BI is a market leader.

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