Friday, October 23, 2020

Expertise: Power Yoga
Experience: 10+ Years


With over 10+years of professional experience, she is an accomplished yoga trainer having learned from multiple schools of yoga like Iyengar school of yoga, studio prana and the art of living yoga. She is skilled at transferring knowledge she has gained over a course of time in yoga for a healthy, balanced and blossomed life.

She lives to blow stuff up and she believes in adding value to all the projects she touches. Trained as a Chartered Accountant she is a multi-faceted professional having a unique 10-year background into management, communications, elegant leadership, consultancy and publishing with top MNCs like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cairn India and presently she is helming the editorial division of Bloomsbury India.

She is also the Associate Director –Public Relations of the Indiathink Council and has multiple events organized by Indiathink Council.

She is a timed marathon runner with a flair for reading books and staying fit.

Description of training

She engages the audience by explaining the logic behind various yoga postures and how it benefits them. Suitable modifications are also done in the poses depending on the health conditions of participants.

The power-work yoga workshops conducted by her have a powerful impact on the overall culture, performance and costs of employees as they tend to increase efficiency, productivity, creativity, focus by working on their strength, posture, health &food habits and simultaneously reducing their fatigue.

The yoga session is coupled with a range of gentle and meditative breathing exercises which prove to be extremely therapeutic and stress relieving for the participants.

The participants get to know about the ideal postures and the concept of prana which is a vital force for all human beings.

Along with yoga, various food and lifestyle habits recommendations are also provided so that participants can adopt an effective positive change in their lives.

Class Duration

45-minutes, which can be modified as per the requirements

Setup requirements

Power-work, Desk-side, chair-yoga, stationed or traditional yoga (conference room)

Recent Training Projects

In her latest assignment, she conducted Yoga training for the Vodafone employees. The training duration was for two days spanning from 45min-60minstwice a week for two batches. Apart from this, she has been taking yoga classes within the society she stays in and at the gym, she works out at.