How To Prepare For GRE?


GRE or graduate record examination is for students who want to take admission into graduate programs abroad. So how to prepare for GRE?


The students need to be graduates. They should have completed their Undergraduate course from any recognized or affiliated University.

Much like any other entrance examination, Graduate Record Examination also aims to test the critical thinking, analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning skills


The Graduate Record Examination is divided into 3 main sections.

  1. Analytical writing
  2. Verbal Section
  3. Quantitative analysis


The students have an option to take the exam in any mode as per their preference.

They can either opt for the traditional paper -pen mode or the online mode, depending upon their comfort level.

However, the computer-based test follows computer adaptive testing. This implies that as the students move up the ladder of answer easy questions, the level of difficulty would rise too!

Remember, that these tougher questions would earn you higher points too.

Exam Pattern

The students are also advised to make themselves familiar with this tricky pattern of attempting the GRE. Otherwise, this might become a hurdle, which is difficult to cross. The GRE’s official website run by the Educational Testing Services can prove to be beneficial.


For the first part, the students are expected to read a paragraph and then answer the questions framed from the paragraph itself.

While attempting this section through the online mode, the students get to complete this portion via a simple word processing software.

The next essay of the GRE writing section asks the candidate to read and then critique the narrative. The duration for the same is 30 minutes.


This is quite similar to the VERBAL section of any common entrance examination. It commonly includes sentence completion, analogies, synonyms, antonyms and reading comprehension.

The paper seeks to test the student’s fluency in written English.


It tests the student’s mental ability and aptitude skills.

The paper comprises of high school level math. Students need to hone their skills in geometry, algebra, and arithmetic. The practice is the key to such questions. The more you practice, the more likely you are to solve the questions in the exam quickly. Thus saving the time for tricky questions.

General Tips

The students must ascertain the time when they wish to start the course. If they want to start the course in the autumn session, then they must complete the test by October a year before.

Further, the students must decide for themselves, whether they wish to rely on self-study or opt for private coachings.

If the students feel that they need a direction they should opt for private tutors. This would enable them to cover important topics in a better manner.

However, if they wish to avoid wasting time in traveling to coachings they can either go for self-study of online-based coachings.

Either way, you can crack the exam!

Another important thing is, the students should first analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

The preparation level for such exams requires intense hard work.

The students must be ready to dedicate 4-5 months for the preparation of the examination.

These days, a variety of online courses are available too.

The study timetable should be designed. The students should aim to set realistic targets. An unrealistic timetable would do more harm than good. It will lower down your self-confidence and have a detrimental effect on the learning ability.

Another thing that must be kept in the mind is that the number of hours you put in studying the syllabus should be countered with the number of hours you put in for revision. Once you are done with a certain number of topics, take a halt and Revise the key concepts.

The students should also keep attempting mocks tests.

The Educational Testing Services’s Power prep is free software that can be an excellent source of practice questions. However only two tests are available, so the students must look for mocks through other sources too.

Preparation Tips

The students should learn to manage their time both while preparing and while attempting the final paper. Also, there’s no penalty for incorrect answers so guessing the questions might help you!

Once you have practiced adequate numbers of mock tests, you will be able to ace the real examination too. So focus more on practice tests.

The students are advised to study with a calm mind. Otherwise, anxiety might lower down your confidence level thus forcing you to mark even the easy answers wrong.

Many times, students practice a lot of quantitative reasoning and VERBAL reasoning but they tend to forget the writing section. Do not keep this section aside, thinking it to be an easy one.

The students start their essay haphazardly without brainstorming or note-making. This might appear to be a good way to save time. But this will surely cost you your marks.

After all only, A streamlined essay would fetch you more marks. The thoughts should be aligned properly, thus one should prefer making notes.

With a focused mind and a hard-working spirit, nothing and no one can ever beat you.

For anyone who wishes to crack to the Graduate Record Examination, must realize that he can do it! Self faith and self-belief can help you in achieving a lot more than what you have imagined. Confidence is the key.

Another piece of advice is that the students should stop studying 1 day before the exam. They should take a sound sleep of 6 to 7 hours the night before the final exam. Next, they should not skip breakfast at any cost. The students who go empty stomach to the examination hall are more likely to get anxious while attempting the paper.

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