How To Prepare For IIT JEE Advanced?


As you have already won half the battle of the Joint Entrance Examination and expecting good marks in JEE MAINS. Preparation for JEE Advanced must now be on your mind, which will in turn help you in landing in top IITs. So confused on how to prepare for IIT JEE Advanced, you are at the right place. 

To land in top IITs you need to score above 75% aggregate in your 10+2  for general. There is 10% relaxation for SC/ST and PWD candidates and you should be within the category-wise top 20 percentile of successful candidates in your respective 12th standard board examination. JEE ADVANCED has two papers. IIT JEE has two slots : first 9-12:00 PM and second 2-5:00 PM. 

A few tips on how to prepare for IIT JEE Advanced

1. Follow a routine

Efficiency for a thing is enhanced while you do the same thing at the same time. Thus make a time table and stick to that. 

2. IIT JEE Advanced has no shortcuts

Practice a lot of concepts and be thorough with concepts. IIT is being held over many years and hence shortcuts won’t work because the concepts are twisted and presented. IIT JEE Advanced is not about guesstimate.   

3. SWOT Analysis

Further, understanding your strengths and weakness in topics is very important to know where you want to improve and where you want to dive deeper to gain maximum marks in that concept. As the name says IIT JEE Advanced, you need to be advanced in your approach. 

4. Mock tests

Many students think “Why Join Online Mock Test Series when we can study and revise the concepts on our own?”. Online mock tests help you get familiar with the exam pattern. Give as many mock tests as you can. Also, you will develop the stamina to sit in the exam which is of 6 hours and takes place in two shifts. Mock test will also help to understand the strategy which you can use in the exam and boost your confidence. 

5. SMART Approach

Understand which topics are important from the exam point of view and try to focus on those topics rather than focusing on all topics which are of less importance concerning the exam.

6. A little knowledge is dangerous

Do not start a new topic at the last time if you don’t have time to learn it deeper. Concept-based questions are asked and thus not knowing much can land you negative marks. IIT JEE Advanced has questions like “multiple correct answers”, and in that one just shouldn’t guess. 

7. You should Sleep well before the Examination

Sleep renders a fresh mind, which is very crucial for applying it.

8. Don’t be overconfident

Don’t be overconfident as you must score good marks in JEE MAINS. Overconfidence is always bad. So focus on improving the topics rather than just thinking that you are already prepared and have mastered all topics.

9. Learn from your mistakes in previous JEE Advanced

Lastly, talk to seniors and analyze yourself what mistakes they did and you could do or already did. Make sure you don’t repeat them. 


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