How To Protect Your Smartphone?


Head downwards, busy hands, tired eyes, using the smartphone. Nowadays, we don’t crave for smart people, we crave for smartphones. Not only millennials or Gen Zs, smartphone has become an integral part of the lives of older generations as well. Many children help their parents in learning to use mobile phone apps and the user base has been contnuously increasing! Even the smartphones are participants of the rat race now, to prove which is better than the other one. Maybe most of the time we misuse it but we can’t deny its usefulness too. But it is very important to protect your smartphone.

We have our important information saved in it. And that’s why it’s important to keep our phone safe and secure. We often suffer from many problems due to smartphones and we don’t know how to handle it. Many of us are new with this complicated smart device so let’s see the basic securities which we can get for our smartphones.

The phone is like a locker to us, we have contacts, personal photographs, personal data, and whatnot. So, it’s very important to make sure that our locker is safe. You never know from where malware will corrupt your phone. Precaution is better than cure so let’s see what we can do to protect our smartphone from malware, virus, spam, phishing, and other device-related problems.

3 things which should be kept safe in our phones

1. Data

A smartphone is kind of a data management device. We have our credit or debit card number, authentication code, private information, and it has access to our many personal works by memo or scheduler.

2. Identity

Every smartphone is customized according to the user’s identity. If it is hacked then the hacker can use it for many objectionable works.

3. Availability

If a wrong person gets access to your phone then that person can make your phone unavailable to you through some little changes.

Sources from where the problems can come

1. Software-based problems

a) SMS and MMS

Some phones are unable to carry some kind of SMS and MMS. In that case, when we click on it the phone gets blocked which affects the phone’s functional ability. The virus could be sent to you by the attachments with the SMS.

b) GSM network

Every GSM has its code. And that code can be cracked and hacked. This destroys the phone’s communication network

c) Wi-Fi connection

Through the wireless connection, people can hack your phone.

d) Bluetooth connectivity

Through Bluetooth people can hack your phone as well as they can send you viruses.

e) Web Browsing

Your phone can be attacked by viruses through random web pages.

f) Operating System

If you don’t update or modify your operating system then that can affect your phone.

2) Hardware-based problems

a) Electromagnetic Waveform

Through headphones, problematic audio input can create voice interface problems on your phone.

b) Juice Jacking

If any harmful substance runs in your phone through a USB port or data cable then it’s juice jacking, it affects your phone’s hardware system. Even by using random chargers you can ruin your phone’s hardware system.

Precautions to take to protect your smartphone

  • One should never use a smartphone except for security software. Through security software, we can cover up phone’s soft corners and we can stop viruses to run-in our phones.
  • Installing antivirus on your phone is important. It helps to keep your system virus-free.
  • One should change the password of the phone very often. Your password should be strong and not very obvious. Using the same pattern or password for a long time can leave an impression on the screen by which a wicked person can open your phone. Nowadays biometric identification is more popular than password or code number. In this case, the phone opens by the user’s eye or fingerprint, so it’s difficult to trespass your phone.
  • You should always keep your phone’s operating system updated.
  • Some apps help you to lock your apps separately. By these apps, you can block certain apps before handing your phone to others thus your data will be safe.
  • Without a good antivirus, you should never surf random web pages, the virus can attack your phone.
  • Never connect to random Wi-Fi networks. Through Wi-Fi, hackers can place a view on your phone. You should always connect to Wi-Fi networks which are password protected.
  • Allow only reliable people to send you files through Bluetooth.
  • Always use your charger. Using random chargers can damage your phone’s hardware. You should always use your phone’s charger.
  • You should monitor some of your phone resources like battery, memory, and network. If your battery is draining or any file is taking unusually large space then you should check your phone by professionals. Also, you should notice if any app is using excessive bandwidth.
  • You should not collect lots of apps on your phone, use famous and popular apps only and before installing new apps to check its abilities first.

How to protect your smartphone from stealing

The worst nightmare of our generation is our phone to be stolen. In case your phone is stolen, the first thing you should do is lock your sim by calling the customer care of your network. You can use some apps to prevent your phone from loot.

1. Anti-theft alarm

It’s a kind of application. If you left your phone in a public place or put your phone on changing with this alarm on, and if anybody tries to grab it then the alarm will ring and it won’t stop until the owner puts the code lock system.

2. Mobile security package

Some Antivirus systems provide your phone with a complete security package, like Quick Heal. They detect malware or virus, they help to recover data, by gadget tracking you can even get your stolen phone back.

Things to have in mind before selling your old phone

We often sell our old phones or exchange it but before doing so we need to take some steps to keep our data safe. We need to delete all our data, pictures and videos otherwise it can end up in the wrong hands. You need to remove your data, some websites like help to wipe your data completely. But before that, you should remember to keep a backup of your data otherwise you will lose all your data. Help your parents protect their smartphone as well and make sure that they are protected too. This is an excellent way of bridging the generation gap!

So, this is the basic securities for your smartphone. It’s always important to keep your smartphone safe from the evil hands and this is not too difficult to do. So, be safe and keep your data safe.



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