Python Course

Introduction to Python

Introduction to the Python and Course Curriculum

Setting Up Development Environment

Creating Virtual Environment

IDE – Visual Studio Code / Visual Studio / PyCharm

Anaconda - Alternative Development Environment

Python Basics

Python Shell

Using Python as Calculator

Working with Jupyter Notebook

Commenting Python Code

Block Indentation


Different ways to declare variables

Dynamic Typing

Python Internal Data Structures






Mutable and Immutable Types


Basic Operations

Enum and Set

User Inputs and Outputs

Accepting User Inputs

Print statement

Built-in Modules and Functions

Important Built-in Modules and Functions

Taking Python Help

Python Operators

Arithmetic Operator

Assignment Operator

Comparison Operator

Logical Operator

Bitwise Operator

Membership Operator

Identity Operator

Conditionals and Comparisons

Conditional Expression

if, elif and else

Truth Values

Boolean Logic Expressions

Lazy Evaluation


For Loop

While Loop

Break, Continue and Pass Statement

List Comprehension

List Comprehensions

Conditional List Comprehensions

Python Function and Modules

Function Syntax and def statement

Block Indentation

Argument Passing and Returning


Advance Function Topics

Lambda Functions

Exception Handling

Error Handling in Python

Working with Files

Reading Data from Files

Writing Data to Files

Additional File Methods

File Operations


Class vs Object

Defining Class

Creating Instance/Objects

Variables / Properties / Methods in a Class

Built-in Class Attributes

Private Attribute

Reading and Modifying Class Properties

Adding Properties Dynamically


Working with Database

Configuring DB Connector e.g. MySQL Connector

CRUD Operations


Practical Learning

Practice Sheets



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